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News from 2021

Staff Spotlight: Peter Kilian and Brittany Walsh of the Bellono Lab

Animal technicians Peter Kilian and Brittany Walsh of the Bellono Lab spent the early weeks of 2020 burning the midnight oil to finish a set of octopus behavior…

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Needleman Lab Study Named “MBoC Paper of the Year”

The editorial board of the journal The Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) chose a study led by Che-Hang Yu (Applied Physics, Ph.D. ‘19) and MCB and Applied…

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Virtual Remembrance for Rob Lue to Take Place January 26

A virtual remembrance for the late MCB Professor of the Practice Rob Lue will take place on Tuesday January 26 at 3:30pm. The event, organized by FAS Dean…

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How Does the Brain Orchestrate Learning from Reward? [Uchida Lab]

Animals learn a variety of actions; they can flexibly learn a new action or modify a learned action depending on a specific situation. They can also learn a…

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