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Dustin Tillman

Graduate Student

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Jeff Macklis (SCRB)

About Me

I was born in central Washington but grew up in Davis, California before attending Washington University in St. Louis as an undergraduate. I had always been fascinated by biology and knew that I wanted to study living systems in college. However, WashU’s introductory chemistry course blew me away and helped me realize that I was most interested in questions at the molecular level. As a result, I majored in both biology and chemistry with the hopes of using my chemical background to more deeply probe the foundations of biological phenomena during my time in graduate school and beyond.

Outside of the lab, I can usually be found running around a basketball court or studiously following the development of my hometown sports teams. While I will always prioritize these childhood allegiances, Boston franchises can count on my halfhearted support when no conflict of interest arises. Remaining free time is usually spent with my nose buried in a book. I have loved to read for as long as I can remember and try to get at least a half hour in every day. I am currently working through Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series, but I enjoy novels from all genres of literature and am constantly looking for recommendations!