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Jeremy Conway

Graduate Student

About Me

As a young homeschooled creationist nestled among the hills and lakes of rural New Hampshire, a career in biology was not an outcome I could have foreseen. However, after high school, my love of reading led to a pivotal encounter with the world of evolutionary biology. With piqued curiosity, and a slight inclination for the rebellious, I further investigated the work of biologists from Darwin to Dawkins. It was this exposure to biology that caused me to pursue a career in the field. After attending community college, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from Northeastern University. While there, I worked in Jeffrey Agar’s lab researching the copper-zinc superoxide dismutase (SOD1) protein and its role in familial ALS. As an undergraduate I also developed an interest in computer science, so my current research interests span the areas of structural biology, biochemistry, and computational biology. In addition to reading and coding, I enjoy playing guitar, running, weightlifting, and pushing the boundaries of foods that are socially acceptable to eat with peanut butter.