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Ji Seon Min

Graduate Student

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Michael Desai (OEB/Physics), Ariel Amir (SEAS)

About Me

I was born and grew up in South Korea. I moved to the states in 2014 to pursue my undergraduate studies in physics at Caltech. I was interested in science since very young. Specifically in middle school, I was fascinated by the thought experiments about Newton’s Law of motion and wanted to study physical and mathematical models in depth. Until I was in MBL physiology as a Caltech Ph11 student with Prof. Rob Phillips, I didn’t know which areas of physics research I would like to focus on. Meeting with numerous professors and graduate students from various academic background and open to new ideas, I wanted to continue research in mathematical modeling in biology. In my senior year, I did theoretical research in asymmetric segregation of protein with Prof. Ariel Amir and his postdoc Dr. Jie Lin. During my PhD, I want to broaden my knowledge in biology through rotations and seminars and find fun problems to make physical models, collaborating with the labs in MCB.