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Joshua Price

Graduate Student

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I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania where I also started my academic career at Reading Area Community College. I had no idea what to study, so I took the opposite approach: try to sample everything. While doing so, I took a general physics course where we mostly learned through performing and reflecting on experiments, and, leaving that course, I knew I wanted to stay in a field where I would have that continued sense of discovery.

Transferring to Penn State, I majored in Biology and joined an environmental microbiology lab studying antibiotic resistant bacteria in local waterways. After graduating, I was a summer fellow at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, where I used yeast to create a calibration curve for the incorporation of deuterium into proteins. And, over the last year, I worked as a postbac at the National Institutes of Health studying Polycomb group protein recruitment in Drosophila melanogaster.

Outside of research, I have a cat named Leo, a continuously expanding vinyl and CD collection, and an admiration for anything space related. My latest endeavors include watching the entire Star Trek series, exploring the world of poetry, and learning to speed cube. Overall, I am excited to learn about the diverse research happening at MCO and look forward to refining my interests.