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Neuro Concentrators Nidhi Patel (‘22) and Marissa Sumathipala (‘22) Awarded Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Nidhi Patel (Government and Neuro ‘22) and Marissa Sumathipala (Neuro with Secondary in Chemistry ‘22) have been awarded prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarships that will support their postgraduate studies…

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Meselson Lab Publishes Evidence of Sexual Reproduction in Bdelloid Rotifers

Why most eukaryotes reproduce sexually has long been a major problem in evolutionary biology.  After all, by not having to produce males, species that reproduce parthenogenetically should have…

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Hopi Hoekstra Named as a 2021 AAAS Fellow

MCB and OEB faculty Hopi Hoekstra has been elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), joining a cohort of AAAS Fellows that includes many…

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Murthy Lab to Collaborate with NTT Research, Inc. on Biologically-Inspired AI Algorithms

MCB faculty Venki Murthy has been named a primary investigator in a new joint project between Harvard’s Center for Brain Science, where Murthy serves as Paul J. Finnegan…

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Neuro Concentrator Nellie Ide (‘22) Awarded Fellowship to Spend Year with Kung Fu Nuns in Kathmandu

After graduation, Neuroscience concentrator Nellie Ide (‘22) will spend a year learning kung fu in Kathmandu, Nepal while working on public service projects with the “Kung Fu Nuns,”…

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MCB Gift Drive Collects Dozens of Winter Coats for Cradles to Crayons

MCB’s Annual Holiday Gift Drive collected ten bags filled with winter coats for kids and one bag filled with new socks for the local nonprofit Cradles to Crayons.…

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Two MCB Concentrators and Two Neuroscience Concentrators Among Phi Beta Kappa (PBK)’s “Senior 48”

Four seniors from concentrations administered by MCB—Hannah Cole (MCB ‘22), Andrew Siyoon Ham (Neuro ‘22), Elizabeth Saoud (Neuro ‘22), and Ben Zhang (MCB ‘22)—have been elected to the…

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Why Zebrafish Can’t Tickle Themselves

Any sensory experience in any animal species can originate from either an event in the outside world, such as a predator approaching, or from a stimulus generated by…

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