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Board Game Nights @BioLabs Bring Together Harvard Community

This summer, a group of MCB community members gathered for a new BioLabs tradition–board game night! On Friday evenings, board game enthusiasts from around the department can be…

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Neuroscience Team Expands to Meet Growing Demand

Neuroscience is consistently in the top ten most popular concentrations for Harvard undergraduates, a phenomenon Ryan Draft, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Neuroscience and advisor to class of…

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MCB Has an Assistant Professor Search Underway. Apply!

We seek applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. MCB is a tight-knit, supportive and collaborative research community with interests in…

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Join Us For “Flamingle,” A Life Sciences Community Shindig

The Harvard Life Sciences Departments have teamed up to throw the second annual Life Sciences Shindig. The party will take place in the BioLabs courtyard on Friday September…

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To Sting or Not to Sting: How Changes to an Ion Channel Shape Sea Anemone Stinging [Bellono Lab]

Sea anemones are known for stinging, but not all anemones sting alike. By comparing two related anemones, the Bellono Lab has identified a small change in how a…

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SROH 2023 Introduces Undergrads to Life as MCO Student

For 10 weeks over the summer, five undergraduate scientists from around the country were given the opportunity to live like a Harvard MCO graduate student as part of…

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Raising a Translation Factor: A Novel Co-chaperone Family Guides eEF1A to Maturity [Denic Lab]

All cells contain a network of molecular chaperones that help other proteins (often called “clients”) fold into functional three-dimensional conformations. Decades of research on chaperones has led to…

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The Eyes Have It [Sanes Lab]

Vision begins in the retina, a part of the brain that lines the back of the eyeball. It contains complex neural circuits composed of numerous cell types that…

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Grad Student Spotlight: Dustin Tillman

MCO graduate student Dustin Tillman (G5) has received an F31 Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS). The fellowship…

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Zoe Weiss (MCB ‘23) Celebrates Her Mentor in Science Essay

Recent alum Zoe Weiss (MCB ‘23) has published an essay titled “What I Owe My Mentor” in the journal Science. The essay highlights the contributions of her mentor…

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