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Always Checking Errors in Brains and Machines [Uchida Lab]

The last several years have seen remarkable developments in artificial intelligence (AI). Computers can now play complex video games such as Pac-Man, Space Invader, and even StarCraft II…

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A Neuroscientist and a Philanthropist: Catherine Dulac’s Work with the Richard Lounsbery Foundation

One of the many hats MCB faculty Catherine Dulac wears is serving on the Board of Directors of the Richard Lounsbery Foundation. Established in 1959, the Richard Lounsbery…

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MCB Wishes Everyone a Happy Turkey Day!

Like many other events and traditions, this year’s holidays will be very different from years past. Finding ways to celebrate the small things and connecting with family and…

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Undergraduate Spotlight: Aba Sam (Neuroscience ‘21)

Neuroscience concentrator Aba Sam (’21, Dulac Lab) says the strangest part of being on campus for thesis research has been the quiet. In past semesters, her schedule was…

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Astellas-Harvard Research Alliance to Fund Collaboration Between Denic Lab and Harper Lab (HMS)

MCB faculty Vlad Denic has been chosen to receive funding for a joint project with HMS professor Wade Harper from a strategic research alliance between the pharmaceutical company…

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Rob Lue 05.23.1964 – 11.11.2020

I'm sorry to share heartbreaking news. Rob Lue died yesterday after a battle against a fast-moving cancer, with his husband Alain at his side. Rob was a beloved…

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MCO Graduate Program Alum Spotlight: Jenelle Wallace

MCO Graduate Program alum Jenelle  Wallace (Ph.D. ‘20) of the Murthy Lab and Beth Stevens’ lab at Boston Children’s Hospital didn’t expect her thesis defense to take place…

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Neuroscience Concentrator Amanda Litka (‘21) Named Class Gift Marshal

Each year, student representatives from Harvard’s graduating class are chosen to serve as Marshals on the Senior Class Committee. The Marshals are tasked with organizing graduation events, planning…

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RNA Structure Prediction Using Positive and Negative Evolutionary Information [Rivas Lab]

Many functional RNAs adopt structures specific to their function that have been conserved throughout evolution. Knowing the structure of a conserved RNA is an important step towards elucidating…

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