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For Bacillus subtilis, Fate is Just a Game [Losick Lab]

Bacillus subtilis is a bacterium with many talents. Some cells devote themselves to exploration, abandoning their relatives to live as swimming ‘motile’ cells. Others instead choose a cooperative,…

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Computing the Evolution of Specificity in Dynamic Protein Interfaces [Gaudet Lab]

As our brain develops, neurons need to connect to each other through synapses. We study a family of proteins called clustered protocadherins that help ensure that only proper…

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Comparative Computation Across Biological and Artificial Neural Networks [Engert- and Schier Labs]

In a recent paper in Neuron (PDF) the Engert and Schier labs uncover striking similarities in stimulus representation and computation across biological and artificial neural networks performing temperature…

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Pain in the (Fish) Brain [Engert-, Kunes-, and Schier Labs]

When we think of the neurons that control pain-induced behavior, what usually comes to mind are the simple peripheral and spinal reflex circuits described in medical textbooks. This…

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Gut Microbes Eat our Medication

The first time Vayu Maini Rekdal manipulated microbes, he made a decent sourdough bread. At the time, young Maini Rekdal, and most people who head to the kitchen,…

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Remodeling Flagellar Motors [Berg Lab]

Most bacteria swim through fluids by rotating helical flagella, driven at their base by a macromolecular rotary motor. The motor drives the flagellum against the viscous resistance of…

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The Genetics of Schizophrenia [Schier Lab]

A recent study in Cell  (PDF) from the Schier lab defines candidate genes for schizophrenia and identifies shared roles for these genes. Schizophrenia is a devastating psychiatric disorder.…

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Ketamine Response Cycles in Females [Hensch Lab]

Ketamine for clinical use is clouded in controversy. Hallucinogenic party drug (“Special K”) and well-known anesthetic, it is increasingly touted as a panacea at low-doses for unresponsive depression…

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One-punch Triggers of Genomic Chaos [Murray Lab]

We have discovered that cancer might arise faster than previously thought: by combining evolution of yeast cells and human cell culture experiments Miguel Coelho and Andrew Murray were…

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Open Sesame! Engineering a Transition Metal Transporter to Uncover its Substrate Pathways [Gaudet Lab]

Transport proteins embedded in the cellular membrane move chemical cargo into and out of cells, thus facilitating the acquisition of essential nutrients. Many transport proteins evolved from a…

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