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Preceptor in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Annie Park

Preceptor in Molecular and Cellular Biology

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I’ve always loved science, but it wasn’t until my undergraduate course in microbiology that I became fascinated with bacteria. The idea that these tiny little things invisible to the naked eye have the ability to thrive in crazy, seemingly uninhabitable places really sparked my imagination and curiosity. I was also amazed that these organisms could wreak so much havoc on humans, but also have the potential to solve so many of the problems in our world today. My research opportunities have led me all around the world, from the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, MA; to Carol Gross’ lab at UCSF; to a small company in Santiago, Chile; and even to Madrid, Spain. I completed my Ph.D. in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program here at Harvard in Eric Rubin’s lab, studying two proteins (a protease and a transcription factor) that are essential in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

After graduating, I realized research was great, but I needed more people interaction and started TA-ing Harvard’s Life Sciences 1a and 1b (Ls1a and Ls1b) courses; SLS12 Understanding Darwinism, Harvard’s general education course; and a Harvard Extension School introductory biology course. I absolutely love teaching, and love getting creative in order to reach those “aha!” moments with my students. Now as a preceptor for Ls1b, I try to ensure that all students have the best learning experience possible, and I explore new ways to make complicated topics more understandable and relatable to students. Personally, as a first-generation college graduate from a low-income family, I am especially interested in how we can better support students from these backgrounds (really, all minority backgrounds!) to really succeed at Harvard. Besides being a science nerd, I am also an avid traveler (23 countries and counting!), dog-lover, amateur baker, and a bit of a skills-collector (SCUBA diving and figure skating being my current endeavors).