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Catherine Weiner

Graduate Student

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Genome instability is a hallmark of cancer and other developmental disorders. However, a complete understanding of how cells regulate and maintain genome stability is still not well understood. My current project investigates how a highly conserved chromatin regulator, namely Spt6, affects genome stability in the model organism yeast. This work will elucidate mechanisms employed by the cell to protect its genome.

Selected Publications

Maass PG, Barutcu AR, Weiner CL, Rinn JL. Inter-chromosomal contact properties and dynamics in live-cell imaging. Molecular Cell (Mar 2018); 69 (6), 1039

Maass PG, Barutcu AR, Shechner DM, Weiner CL, Rinn JL. Spatiotemporal allele organization by allele-specific CRISPR live-cell imaging (SNP-CLING). Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (Jan 2018)

Barutcu AR, Maass PG, Lewandowski JP, Weiner CL, Rinn JL. TAD boundary organization at the Firre locus occurs independently of CTCF binding and lncRNA transcription. Nature Communications (2018)

Hacisuleyman E, Shukla CJ, Weiner CL, Rinn J. Function and Evolution of Local Repeats in the FIRRE locus. Nature Communications (Mar 2016); doi: 10.1038/ncomms11021.