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Preceptor in Molecular and Cellular Biology

David Fronk

Preceptor in Molecular and Cellular Biology

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My journey through science can probably be described as jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Growing up, I had a sincere interest in all science as a way to explore the world around me, but a specific soft spot for biology from backpacking with my family. A broad focus continued to be the norm for me during my bachelor’s degree at UCR, where I got my degree in Bioinformatics and Genomics and worked in David Reznick’s evolutionary ecology lab and Joel Sachs symbiosis lab. Even my graduate work at Harvard has been wide ranging, starting out studying non-symbiotic rhizobia and ending my doctoral program working with mathematical modeling on channel and pattern formation in the Mahadevan lab.

During my time at Harvard, I had the great pleasure to work as a TF for multiple classes, including LS1A and LS1B, and discovered just how much I enjoy teaching. Being able to interact with and help students understand the concepts and questions of biology was incredibly rewarding and fun. When the opportunity arose, I immediately applied to be the preceptor for MCB 60, and here we are! Now I’m looking forward to helping students take that next step forward in science, solidifying the foundations of their knowledge and reaching out into the unknown. I want students to feel ownership of their work and discoveries and will do all that I can to make that the case.

When I am not teaching or doing research, I am likely playing board games or card games with friends, particularly Magic the Gathering. Because even when I’m not working on the next batch of problem set questions, I can’t stop fiddling with puzzles.