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Devon Stork

Graduate Student

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George Church & Ethan Garner


Project Title: Engineering Specific Peptide antibiotics from natural 

I will discover natural antimicrobial peptides that specifically target certain classes of bacteria and engineer novel variants with new bacterial targets. This project is broadly multidisciplinary, requiring expertise and procedures from many labs on both sides of the river. Ethan Garner and Rich Losick’s bacterial cell biology expertise provided the background and inspiration for an MciZ-based specific peptide antibiotic. George Church’s lab has provided much biological engineering expertise, including the necessary computational and library design skills to begin probing the design rules of MciZ specificity.

George Church Lab Website

Selected Publications

Hur, J.H., Stork, D.A., and Walker, D.W. (2014). Complex-I-ty in aging. J Bioenerg Biomembr 46, 329–335.