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Franky Barradale

Graduate Student

About Me

I’m a 2019 graduate of Williams College with a BA in Biology and a concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My undergraduate research experiences were varied: I have handled flies, mice, and crickets, and my work has ranged from the study of behavior, to sex ratio distortion, to genome sequence analyses. I am drawn to science because of the questions it can answer. I enjoy investing time in projects and developing my own understanding from research. I’m a curious person, and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty while I’m learning. At MCO I want to study Biochemistry, Chemical, and Structural Biology. This interest spawned from my desire to understand how gene products function at the molecular level. My gradual shift in focus from the macroscopic to the microscopic means that I’m primarily interested in resolving the structures and functions of macromolecules, but I want to appreciate these functions in the context of their large-scale effects on cells and organisms. My other interests include weightlifting, drawing, and listening to music. I strive to maintain a realistically balanced life; research requires a persistence and dedication unlike most professions, so I find ways to be flexible in lab while maintaining my health and motivation. The fact is, science can be a crazy amount of work, but I don’t mind; the Zen monk under whom I studied once told me that research is one of the most sane careers a person can have.