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Georgia Squyres

Graduate Student

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I am interested in molecular mechanisms of life at the small scale, and how those mechanisms are governed by and take advantage of physics. I graduated from Columbia University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in biophysics. I am now working in the Garner lab to characterize the molecular and biophysical mechanisms of cytokinesis in bacteria. Bacterial cell division is carried out by a large group of proteins, including cytoskeletal filaments and cell wall synthesis enzymes, but how these elements work in concert to orchestrate cytokinesis is unclear. I use high-resolution live-cell microscopy techniques to study protein dynamics in the cell division complex; my goal is to elucidate how features of the system at the single-molecule level can govern the behavior of the cytokinetic complex as a whole. Thus far, we have shown that treadmilling dynamics of FtsZ filaments are crucial to bacterial cell division; now, I am working to describe these dynamics in more detail and to characterize their regulation.