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Grace Burgin

Graduate Student

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I grew up on Bainbridge Island, a thirty-five minute ferry ride from Seattle. From finding sand dollars during walks at low tide to spotting trillium flowers in early spring, my first encounters with science came from simply wondering at the variety of life around me. For my undergraduate education, I attended the University of Washington where I majored in Biology with a focus in Ecology and Evolution. My classes in plant identification and molecular phylogenetics were particularly inspiring and prompted me to join a functional ecology lab, where I studied the effects of changing climate on montane grasshopper ecology. After graduating, I developed my skills as a molecular biologist in the Regev lab at the Broad Institute. There, I worked on several projects related to cellular heterogeneity in the mouse and human gut and neuronal repair after injury in the mouse retina. As a grad student in MCO, I’m hoping to combine my interests in molecular biology and evolution to investigate processes of evolutionary change. In addition, I have always valued scientific outreach and am excited to continue growing as a teacher. Moving to Boston has allowed me to explore some of my other research interests, such as which restaurants have the best noodle soup and where to find the widest selection of craft beers. I also enjoy knitting poorly and dancing ballet.