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Josua Jordi

Postdoctoral Fellow

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My long-term research goal is to understand how the brain controls the opposing brain states – hunger and satiation, which seems clinically relevant considering the many prevailing eating disorders. Here, food intake is of particular interest as it is the primary route of nutrient supply. The unique optical access of zebrafish larvae paired with technological innovations enables to study food intake and its concurrent digestion in hundreds of freely behaving animals (Jordi et al, 2015). How environmental and homeostatic signals modulate the opposing brain states – hunger and satiation – is part of my ongoing research quest. Methodologically I’m interested in in vivo technology suited for comprehensive research strategies. My background is at the interface of the fields of amino acid homeostasis, gastrointestinal function and eating behavior in rats and humans (Prof. F. Verrey and Prof. T. A. Lutz  – University of Zurich). As a master-student, I questioned how ageing changes the metabolism in yeast by combining metabolomics with biochemical sorting techniques (Prof. U. Sauer, ETHZ).