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Julien Barrere

Graduate Student

About Me

Do you have in mind the stereotype picture of a French farmer? Like with a dirty overall and a dusty beret? You can add a chicken under the arm if you want, you have it? Well, that was me as I grew up. My chicken under the arm, I grew to appreciate the beauty, the complexity and the diversity of life. At the time, I naively thought that when I got older I would just read some sort of “Book of Life” that would tell me all about it. Hum… I quickly realized that this book has not been published yet, and that it’s missing many chapters that are still being written.

I needed some kind of backup plan to learn about all that, so I went for a Bachelor at a wacky French school: the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity. After having been introduced to the taste of research there, I specialized in microbial ecology and evolution during a Master at ETH and MIT exploring how interactions between bacteria can shape community dynamics and behavior. Here I am now, not sure in which exact direction to go, but towards microbes and fundamental questions in biology. You may have guess it by now: the PhD is my way to start contributing and sharing this “Book of Life” I wanted to read as a kid!

‘’What are your […] hobbies?’’ If you want to know, then we should just go for a beer to talk a about politics, about places to go hiking, about cello, about your swimming training …