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Graduate Student, MCO

Linda Wiratan

Graduate Student, MCO

About Me

As an undergraduate and Valedictorian of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, I majored in Making Squishy Blobs Glow (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology), with a minor in Different Arrangements of Fancy Words (Creative Writing). I work at the intersection of science, the arts & humanities, and mental health. I have done research on everything from photodynamic probe development to circadian-regulated plant immunity to intercellular RNA transfer. I love all things cells, and my research interests evolved from “cells are cute, squishy blobs!” to “how does macromolecular assembly and interaction help organelles and cells do their jobs?” I hope to continue refining my interests in the next several years. As a graphic designer and business owner, I am also the Founder and Manager of City of Cells, an organization dedicated to improving public science education. In the future, I hope to be a researcher, professional writer, and humanitarian speaker, addressing science communication, the fusion of arts and sciences, and mental illness (ask me how my experiences taught me survivorship, community, and empowerment). When I somehow find free time, I write poetry, paint with acrylic and Sumi ink, practice modern/jazz dance, collect rocks and shiny things, and do other introvert activities. I love fashion and can sew almost anything—blouses, business suits, ball gowns, you name it. $900 Armani suit? I can make it for $50. I’m a very shy and quiet person, but I love to have deep and meaningful conversations. Let’s hang out at a bubble tea shop sometime!