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Research Associate, MCB

Marco Fumasoni

Research Associate, MCB

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I’m broadly interested in genome evolution and how it’s intertwined with the molecular mechanisms that replicate and organize the chromosomes within the nucleus. I currently focus on two main projects: in the first I’m studying the evolvability of an essential system, the DNA replication machinery. In the second, I’m developing an experimental model of adaptive radiation to study the origins of novel features in biological evolution. In my research, I take advantage of budding yeast as a model of the eukaryotic genome and I use experimental evolution to observe selection acting on it. I then combine sequencing, cell, molecular and systems biology approaches to dissect the molecular events that allow genome adaptation to different conditions. In the future, I would like to extend this approach to study how molecular events affect the evolution of organisms within ecosystems, including microbiomes, as well as in medically relevant conditions such as cancer and in industrial applications like the production of fermented foods.