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Martin Haesemeyer

Research Associate


It is my long-term research goal to understand how the brain computes and how it represents information about the external world. To this end I currently study temperature sensation in the larval zebrafish. In my research I employ a range of technologies from high-speed behavioral recordings and manipulations to functional calcium imaging. I have recently derived models of how temperature sensation guides swim initiation in zebrafish (Haesemeyer et al., 2015) and am now studying how these models are implemented in the brain.

I studied Biology at the University of Cologne, Germany completing my master’s thesis in the lab of Ruth Lehmann at the Skirball Institute in New York on the transmigration of Drosophila melanogaster immune cells during development. I was awarded my PhD from the University of Vienna, Austria, for work in the lab of Barry Dickson on elucidating how a small set of neurons orchestrates the behavioral post-mating switch in Drosophila melanogaster.