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Preceptor in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Michel Becuwe

Preceptor in Molecular and Cellular Biology


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After completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Bordeaux (France), I discovered research and lab life at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). I studied a supergene involved in controlling the color of wings in a tropical butterfly. Developing a hypothesis, performing the experiments to test it and drawing conclusions: this experience was a game changer, deciding to pursue an academic career.

After a Master in Molecular and Cellular biology, I started a PhD at the Jacques Monod Institute in Paris in the lab of Sebastien Leon where I studied the regulation of intracellular trafficking in yeast. During that time, I was also a teaching fellow for undergraduate students. This was the second game changer in my professional life. Teaching and helping students was a truly unexpected vocational revelation, and I decided that teaching would be part of my academic career.

I then moved to Boston to join the lab of Tobias Walther and Robert Farese at the Harvard School of Public Health to study lipid metabolism. During that time, I joined as a teaching fellow the MCB60 crew for one semester and then the Harvard Summer School The Biopolis. In my teaching experience at Harvard, I have been amazed and inspired by the quality and level of interaction between the teaching staff and the students.

As now preceptor for MCB60 and MCB68, I will aim to ensure a similarly nurturing and fruitful environment to make these courses a success.