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Rui Fang

Graduate Student

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Ying Lu (HMS Systems Biology)

About Me

I am from Hangzhou, China. I discovered my strong interest in science and focused on studying physics in high school. Driven by the enthusiasm and a desire to excel, I won the bronze medal in the 30th National Physics Competition which brought me the pre-admission to Peking University. Then I joined the newly founded integrated science program in my university and got comprehensive training in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and computer science. With my deeper and deeper understanding of biology, the wish to apply the knowledge in physical science to understand biology grows ever strong. I am a student from a highly interdisciplinary program, desiring an opportunity to learn to integrate knowledge in different subjects and allow them to function synergistically. I am particularly interested in two research areas. I want to create and use new physical methods to observe, detect and understand biological processes. I have been working on the macromolecular machine for some time. “Observing” the dynamics directly is promising and attractive which I spend much time on. Besides, “precision” and “predictability” are what I want to find in the biological systems. I wish to unravel the laws governing the living world at the systems level. On the other hand, I am interested in complex diseases like cancer and neurodegeneration. I hope my research can have some clinical applications. In my free time, I like swimming, playing volleyball and playing ping-pong. I am also good at Chinese Calligraphy and zither.