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Selina Qian

Graduate Student

About Me

I was born in a small city on the eastern coast of China and studied at ShanghaiTech University as one of the first batch of undergraduate students. My Passion for neuroscience blossomed at a young age under the influence of my father. He found science fiction films he watched to be a great source for my bedtime story. One of our favorite stories was about a little boy, who became a superhero because of a memory-enhancing brain chip. I was so attracted by the idea of implanting a similar chip to my brain and become a superheroine. To get closer to this exciting goal, I actively read articles to understand how the brain works. The more I learn, the more I am amazed by the complexity and mystery of the brain. The exciting goal from my young age transformed to a desire to understand the wiring and dynamics inside the brain from a scientist’s perspective. Therefore, after four years’ college study in life science, I decided to further explore my interests in neuroscience. In extracurricular time, I love singing, playing ball games. Previously, I used to be a member of the ShanghaiTech Chorus for 2 years.