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Vivian Jou

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Jessica Lehoczky (HMS)

About Me

I grew up on the North Shore of Chicago for most of my childhood until I moved to San Jose, California in high school. All of my family members are scientists. My mom was a food chemist, dad is a material engineer and brother a software engineer. I, however, went down the path of biology as I was most interested by the underlying mechanisms of life. Ever since I was introduced to the cell in middle school, I have always found the microscopic world extremely fascinating.

I attended Johns Hopkins University for my undergraduate studies, where I majored in Molecular and Cellular Biology and minored in Economics. At Hopkins, I studied the dynamics of chromosome remodeler complexes utilizing super resolution microscopy in live yeast cells. At Harvard, I am excited to expand my knowledge in different scientific topics, learn cutting edge techniques, and become a better researcher in general. Outside of lab, I enjoy cooking, playing video games, and have gotten back into reading, now that I don’t have those dreaded‚ required readings. I also smother my cat whenever I can, which is most likely too much for her liking.