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Xingbo Yang



While a great deal is known about pathways and enzymology of metabolism, it is still poorly understood how metabolic fluxes are modulated during development and in response to environmental factors, or degraded in disease.

My research investigates the interplay of metabolism and downstream cellular processes including embryo development, cell motility, and chromosome segregation. The goal is to understand quantitatively how cells modulate their metabolic parameters to satisfy bioenergetic and biosynthetic demand, and how metabolic defects lead to cell dysfunction observed in diseases particularly in human infertility and cancer.

I am currently combining non-invasive live imaging techniques with quantitative biophysical modeling to measure metabolic fluxes and enzyme kinetics in living cells with subcellular resolution. This unique approach yields data that reveals novel metabolic control strategies implemented by cells in response to environmental perturbations and in diseases. I am also developing quantitative models of metabolic control that balances energy supply with energy demand as regulated by mitochondria and constrained by thermodynamic principles.