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Yen-Der Li

Graduate Student

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Benjamin Ebert (HMS/DCFI)

About Me

I grew up in Taichung, Taiwan and graduated from National Taiwan University with double degree of MD in Medicine and BSc in Physics in 2017. My research interest includes translational biomedical sciences, biophysics, bioengineering and genomics. During college, I worked in several labs in Taiwan and U.S. in the field of cancer biology, immunology and physical biology. For my PhD studies, I hope to work on clinically-relevant biomedical questions by using engineering or computational approaches.

I was fascinated by science since high school. I love to look for the behind therory of every natural phenomena observed. At that time I was most interested in physics. However, I hope my work and research can have direct impact to human lives, so I chose to go to medical school and conduct biomedical research. Fortunately, I discovered interdisciplinary fields like engineering and physical biology that can combine both my interest in biological and quantitative science and make impact to human health and diseases.

Outside science, I am also interested in business strategy and entrepreneurship and have some business-related experiences. For recreation, I enjoy playing basketball and watch NBA games. I also like traveling and have visited different places in Taiwan, U.S., Europe, and East Asia countries.