Harvard University COVID-19 updates

MCB at Home

MCB at Home

A message from the chair

Although we are currently unable to enter our offices and labs because of the pandemic, it is vital that we stay connected as a community. To help, we have added these temporary sections to our website. In the STAY CONNECTED section, groups – labs as well as administrative groups and service centers—can report on how they stay connected, ‘meet’ regularly, work on special projects, or take online courses. They can also talk about challenges and solutions they have found, including any useful information and links that help them cope. MCB SLACK is intended for everyone in MCB to give and receive information, help, as well as support each other. For suggestions, please email news@mcb.harvard.edu Please stay safe and remain connected! Venki Murthy

Zoom Talks

Wed 27 May - 2:00 pm

Dissertation Defense - Matt Smith - Ben de Bivort Lab

Idiosyncratic Olfactory Behavior and its Neural Basis

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Thu 11 June - 12:00 pm

Thursday Seminar - Nathan Lord - Rich Losick Lab

Mechanisms of Robust Developmental Patterning

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