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2020 BIOpalooza

2020 BIOpalooza


The planning committee:
Nick Bellono, faculty
Jenny Chen, postdoctoral fellow
Renate Hellmiss, director of scientific graphics and communications
Oscar Hernandez Murillo, graduate student
Craig Hunter, faculty (chair of committee)
Polina Kehayova, scientific director
Jessica Manning, executive director
Camila Ossa, events coordinator
Max Prigozhin, faculty
Anastasia Repouliou, graduate student
Amanda Whipple, faculty
Pu Zheng, graduate student


Video of Panel Discussion

The Panelists:

Nancy Hopkins, MIT professor, film protagonist, provocateur, and successful activist.


Evelynn Hammonds, Harvard professor, Chair department of history of science, professor of African American studies, Areas of Research: African & African-American Studies, History of Medicine, Science & Race, Science & Technology Studies, Women & Gender Studies. Evelynn is also a member of the NAS Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine (CWSEM). PDF


Sarah Richardson, Harvard professor of the History of Science & Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Sarah is a historian and philosopher of science who studies the sciences of sex, gender, sexuality, and reproduction.


Tessa Charlesworth, Harvard graduate student in Mahzarin Banaji’s Lab. Tessa is an experimental psychologist interested in how the mind and society interact and change across time.


The Co-moderators:

Paula Pelayo, MCO graduate student in Emily Balskus’ Lab and MCB DIB task force member


Sheila Thomas, Harvard Dean for Academic Programs and Diversity