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Erving Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

Email: gregory_verdine@harvard.edu
Phone: 617-495-5323

Mail: Conant 108

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Professor Verdine's research interests lie in the emerging area of chemical biology. He and his co-workers aim to gain a fundamental understanding of processes that control the expression and preserve the integrity of genetic information. His studies have elucidated the molecular mechanisms by which DNA-modifying proteins - especially DNA methyltransferases and DNA repair proteins - recognize and process their substrates. Verdine is the co-discoverer of a key pathway for the repair of oxidatively damaged DNA in higher organisms, including man. His efforts in the area of transcriptional regulation have resulted in the structural characterization of NF-kB (with S. C. Harrison) and the isolation and structural elucidation of the nuclear factor of activated T cells (with A. Rao and G. Wagner, respectively). Recently, he solved a long-standing problem in transcriptional regulation by showing that acidic activation domains undergo induced a-helix formation upon binding to a target TAF protein. He is the first to show that a completely non-natural molecule can co-activate transcription in cells, thus paving the way for the discovery of small molecules that can directly activate the expression of specific genes. For further information, please refer to the Research pages of the group's website.

updated: 02/17/2016