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MCB 195. Foundations of Systems Biology and Biological Engineering
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Term: Spring Term 2013-2014.   Credit: Half course.
Instructor: Philippe Cluzel
Course Level: For Undergraduates and Graduates
Description: This course builds an understanding of design principles in biology. We will ask why biological circuits are built the way they are and answer using mathematical models. Topics: elementary circuits in biological networks, robustness, pattern-formation in embryos, error-correction, and evolutionary optimization.
Note: Students from physics, engineering and other disciplines are also welcome.
Prerequisite(s): Life and Physical Sciences A or Life Sciences 1a, Life Sciences 1b and Mathematics 1a/1b and molecular cell biology at the level of MCB 52 and MCB 54. Familiarity with mathematics at the level of 19/20 is strongly recommended.
Meetings: Tu., Th., 10-11:30
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The research of the laboratory focuses on real-time systems analysis of signal transduction and genetic networks at the single cell level.

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