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posted: July 27, 2016

TFs and TAs for Spring 2017 MCB68: Cellular Biology through the Microscope


Jeff Lichtman and Ethan Garner


Schedule: Spring Term (starts Jan 24, 2017), Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 1-2:30 pm + 3-hour weekly laboratory.
Course description: MCB68 is focused on discovery both in the classroom and the lab. In class, MCB68 teaches how key cell biological processes work via the historical narrative of their discovery and elucidation. For each process, students are shown the initial observation of each problem, then lead through the scientific rationale and sequence of experiments that contributed to our current understandings. As many discoveries in cell biology became possible due to advances in microscopy, these two fields are taught in parallel: alternating between the fundamentals of each microscopic approach and how each new approach allowed a new window of understanding into the cell. MCB68 labs are designed to teach students to discover through microscopy. Students are first trained (in 4 labs) how to be good microscopists, and then set free to explore the world in two independent projects: In the first they explore samples of their own choosing using conventional light microscopy. In the second, students are given access to a wide array of advanced organisms (genetically modified cell lines, worms, slime molds, plants, brain slices, zebrafish.) and access to state-of-the-art microscopes at the Harvard Center for Biological Imaging (HCBI). Through this, students get a sense of what it is like to conduct cutting-edge research with high-end equipment, as they have first-hand access to both advanced technology and modern experimental organisms. Teaching Fellows/Assistants for Harvard University undergraduate course. The position is compensated at 0.4 FTE.


• Attend all lectures • Run weekly lab sections (3 hours per week) • Mentor students on independent projects

To Apply

Interested candidates should have operational knowledge of microscopy and submit a CV highlighting relevant research and teaching experience by email to dominicmao@g.harvard.edu.

Application Deadline: February 10, 2017

posted: September 14, 2016

TFs and TAs for Spring 2017 MCB148: The Neurobiology of Pain


This course explores the neurobiological systems and mechanisms underlying both acute and chronic pain. Topics will include nociceptive/sensory systems, molecular basis and modulation of pain, neuroanatomy of peripheral and central pain circuits, pain pathologies, pharmacological and non pharmacological treatments. The emphasis is on understanding basic neurobiological concepts underlying pain systems and reading/discussing the primary scientific research in the field.

Lectures (1.5 hours): Tuesdays & Thursdays
course website.


Duties include leading the discussion section, grading, creating assignments, and (optional) giving a lecture during the semester. Research background in pain-related neuroscience is not required.

To Apply

For more information, contact Dr. Ryan Draft

Application Deadline: January 20, 2017