Harvard University - Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology


by Jim Henle

June 8th, 2007

Several students associated with MCB faculty have been awarded 2007 Thomas T. Hoopes Prizes.  The annual Prizes are awarded to undergraduates for exceptional scholarly efforts, usually senior theses. This year, 77 were awarded overall. Each student receives a $3,500 award, funded by the estate of Thomas T. Hoopes, ’19. Since one goal of the Prizes is to "promote excellence in the art of teaching", nominating faculty supervisors are also awarded a stipend.

The following are the winning students, listed along with their senior thesis titles and supervisors:

Lief Fenno
"A Cell-Based Model for Parkinson's Disease"
Prof. Doug Melton, MCB; Prof. Chad Cowan, Harvard Medical School

Brian T. Ho
"Chromosome mobility varies throughout the Escherichia coli cell cycle"
Prof. Nancy Kleckner, MCB

Hana Lee
"Array-based high-resolution genotyping of recombinant inbred lines for quantitative trait loci analysis"
Dr. Christine Queitsch, Center for Systems Biology

Alisa Mueller
"I. Structural and Mechanistic Studies of TadA, an Adenosine Deaminase That Acts on tRNA II. Structural and Biochemical Analysis of the C-terminal Domain of UvrC, a DNA Damage Repair Enzyme"
Prof. Gregory Verdine, Chemistry and Chemical Biology and MCB

Jeanette Wickelgren
"Vocal Plasticity and Pattern Extraction in a Non-Human Primate"
Prof. Marc Hauser, Psychology; Prof. Florian Engert, MCB


Leah Blank
"Transcription Factor Networks and Signaling: A Molecular Analysis of Lung Development"
Prof. Douglas Melton, MCB

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