Harvard University - Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology


by Amy Hitchcock Camp

May 30th, 2008

The Boston Bacterial Meeting (BBM) 2008 will take place on Thursday June 12 and Friday June 13 at the Harvard University Science Center. The meeting will feature ~25 oral presentations and 60+ poster presentations by students and postdocs representing diverse areas of bacterial research, including bacterial cell and molecular biology, development, pathogenesis, ecology, and evolution. The BBM2008 Keynote Address will be delivered by Dr. Penny Chisholm, Lee and Geraldine Martin Professor of Environmental Studies, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Biology, MIT.

BBM was founded in 1995 by two former Losick lab postdocs, Kit Pogliano and Karen McGovern, with the goal of bringing together the community of bacteriologists from the greater Boston area so that they could present their work and share ideas. BBM, now in its 14th year, has proven to be a vibrant meeting, attended not only by bacteriologists from the Boston area, but also from further reaches of New England including New Hampshire, New York, and Connecticut.

In keeping with its roots, every detail of the meeting is planned and organized by graduate students and postdocs from Harvard (main campus and HMS), MIT, and Tufts. The chair of the BBM2008 organizational committee is Heather Kamp, a graduate student in Darren Higgins' lab at HMS.

MCB has provided significant support to BBM: Richard Losick was instrumental in helping found BBM and continues to be an extraordinarily supportive faculty sponsor; Lilah Rahn-Lee and Amy Hitchcock Camp, both members of the Losick lab, serve on the BBM2008 organizational committee; and finally, John Wright in the MCB Financial Office has been indispensable in handling BBM transactions. BBM2008 is sponsored, in part, by New England Biolabs, Merck, Pfizer, Bruker, AstraZeneca, and Microbiotix. For details on BBM2008 and to register, please visit www.mcb.harvard.edu/losick/bbm