Harvard University - Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology


by Sebastian Stockman

March 23rd, 2009

Andres Leschziner

Andres Leschziner, Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, will be a 2009 Sloan Research Fellow, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation announced recently. The fellowships are awarded each year to researchers in a variety of fields who show “strong evidence...of creativity as ... independent investigator[s].”

In his proposal, Leschziner mentioned two areas of his research, “Automating the initial 3D reconstruction of novel macromolecules by electron microscopy” and “The mechanism of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling.” The $50,000 fellowship is good for a period of two years.

“As a new independent investigator it is extremely gratifying when the potential of your research is publicly recognized,” Leschziner said. “This is particularly the case when the recognition comes from an institution like the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, with such a rich history of supporting scholars in so many fields.”