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Major Advances in Understanding Heredity and Evolution

December 13th, 2012

This course attempts to connect the frontier of current research to its history and conceptual background. The course meets formally twice a week, and fosters lively class participation. In addition, students meet in groups of two or three with the instructors for weekly, wide-ranging discussions at the Queen's Head Pub.

MCB 162 traces the major conceptual and experimental advances leading to our present understanding of heredity and evolution, connecting today's science with its history and some of the personalities involved.  Course work includes critical reading of original literature, student presentations, group discussion, and  submission of written answers to weekly problem sets. Participation in class discussion of readings is essential. A substantial essay on a mutually agreed  topic is due at the end of reading period.

Prerequisite: Life Sciences 1b or equivalent and permission of the instructor. For undergraduated and graduate students  
Enrollment: Limited to 20 students
Location:  BioLabs 1058; 16 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
Start: Janurary 29, 2013

At the class meeting of January 29, interested students will be asked to take a short quiz and to fill out a questionnaire concerning  their background  in  genetics  and   their  interest  in  the course.  Students will be notified by email  that evening as to whether they may register.

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