Harvard University - Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology


June 13th, 2014

Craig Hunter

MCB 101 Human Genetics

Genomic information is accelerating the discovery and characterization of the molecular and cellular basis of human health and disease. This new lecture/discussion course will explore how knowledge from new technologies is used to advance our understanding of human biology.

Topics will include personal genomics, understanding genome-wide associated studies, epigenetics, gene-environment interactions, and complex traits, the importance of model organisms to investigate molecular mechanisms, and the prospects for cancer genomics and gene/genome therapy.

This lecture/discussion course will rely extensively on primary literature and contemporary review articles. Students will actively participate in class discussions and prepare four written summaries of assigned articles and two literature-based research projects (one in the middle of the term and one at the end of the term) that critically assess the scientific basis of popular news articles and consumer-targeted genomics information.


LS 1a and LS 1b, MCB 60 or MCB52 and MCB5


Monday, Wednesday,10–11:30 AM, fall




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