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If you need something that Harvard does not own, or want a PDF of an article at another Harvard Library, or need a book that is held at another Harvard library such as Countway, there are services available and there are no fees for Harvard affiliates. Requests for all these services may be placed directly through HOLLIS+.

  • Interlibrary Loan: The Ernst Mayr Library, via Harvard Library Resource Sharing, will borrow books and acquire articles from other libraries for faculty, staff and students.
  • Scan & Deliver, You may request that an item at any Harvard Library be scanned and a PDF sent to you. Check the link for details and please note that copyright restrictions apply. (Also remember that someone has to process the request, find the item, scan and send it - it is not automatic!)
  • Borrow Direct is a service that alows you to request a book from participating libraries at other institutions for deliver within four days.
  • Harvard Direct. If you want a book that is at a Harvard Library that is inconvenient for you to visit in person, you may request that it be sent to the Ernst Mayr Library, where you may pick it up or ask that the MCB Librarian deliver it to you.

Again, there is no fee for any of these services!

There is more information on the Get It page: http://library.harvard.edu/get-it-services. There is also a link in the top bar in HOLLIS+. Notice that there are FAQs for all the Get It services in a box near the upper right. You can  also always contact your librarian.

updated: 07/21/2015