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FLASH: the Harvard link to PubMed has changed. Switch your bookmarks to the following urn: http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:hul.eresource:pubmedxx.

Stop by the new exhibit in the NW lobby on Brains. You might also want to visit the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments (CHSI) on the second floor of the Science Center to see thsir exhibit on Human Anatomy. Ours in NWB complements theirs by concentrating on just the brain – and not just in humans but in many other creatures as well. Featured is work by several members of MCB.

There is a webguide to accompany the Northwest exhibit - http://guides.library.harvard.edu/Brains. As always, your suggestions/corrections/additions are most welcome! Changes can be made very easily. The guide is

The Bioluminescence and Time exhibits have gone, but their webguides live on at  http://guides.library.harvard.edu/bioluminescence and http://guides.library.harvard.edu/Time, and will continue to be updated, so your input is welcome on those as well.

The Newsletter has been updated, as has the page on Scan & Deliver and ILL.

Do you have an ORCID? There are many ways to track your publications; this guide explains some of them: http://guides.library.harvard.edu/tracking. It's especially important to set up a unique ID if you have a common name or have used different names in publications.

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updated: 03/26/2014