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MCB Library Newsletter, Autumn 2015

The Smell exhibit in the Northwest lobby and features research by MCB faculty and students including Vivian Hemmelder and Jenelle Wallace of the Murthy lab, Yoh Isogai of the Dulac lab, and the Uchida lab. There is also a webguide at http://guides.library.harvard.edu/Smell. Suggestions and additions are always welcome!

The Ernst Mayr Library-MCZ has a new website - same address as before. It features a few images from MCB labs - from Daniel Berger in the Lichtman Lab (4th dot if you get impatient), Clemens Riegler in the Engert Lab, Seve von Stetina in the Mango Lab, and Peter Foster, Needleman Lab (they are the last 4 dots).

Harvard's institutional repository DASH is now participating in One Repo, SHARE Notify, and Global ETD Search. All this means greater exporsure for Harvard research!

Do you have an ORCID??

As always, feel free to contact me any time –

Dorothy Barr - dbarr@mcb.harvard.edu

Research Librarian – MCB Liaison


updated: 03/31/2016