Harvard University - Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology


All MCB faculty welcome undergraduate students into their laboratories. There, students engage in original research projects and have the opportunity to make an intellectual contribution to the field. As fully integrated members of the laboratory, undergraduates are mentored by faculty members as well as graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Many students remain in the lab for several years, and their projects often culminate in a senior thesis.

Most Life Sciences concentrations require that students undertake at least one semester of original research. Many students choose to work in MCB faculty laboratories, although they may also select faculty from affiliated departments or the Harvard Medical School. In addition to mentoring students in their own laboratories, many MCB faculty members sponsor research projects in a course called LS 100r: Experimental Research in the Life Sciences. This class enables small groups of students to engage as a team in original research projects in a state-of-the art facility dedicated to undergraduates.

Undergraduates interested in getting involved in research should visit the Research information page on the Life Sciences website.

updated: 08/18/2014