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If you need something that Harvard does not own, you can place a request in two ways:

  • If it's a book, in HOLLIS you will see a direct link to Borrow Direct. This is a service shared among several Ivy League and other libraries that allows you to request a book that either we do not own OR that we do own but that is checked out to another patron. The turnaround time is four days.
  • If we do not own the item (whether it is a book or a journal article), you can place an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request. Connect in HOLLIS to the GetIt link (under "Not Available at Harvard?") or directly at http://library.harvard.edu/get-it-services. Articles will be delivered directly to you, often within a couple of days.
  • Questions or problems? Contact me!

Scan & Deliver

If you want an item that another Harvard library owns, check HOLLIS. Many items, though not all, have links next to the barcodes saying "Scan & Deliver." This service supplies digital copies of journal articles or book chapters to Harvard faculty, students and staff. Here's how it works:

  • You should first register for Scan & Deliver by going to https://illiad.hul.harvard.edu/illiad/ You will be asked to authenticate using your HUID and PIN. Fill out the form, being sure to fill in all required fields, and submit.
  • Once you are registered, when you wish to request an article or book chapter, click the link in HOLLIS, and after authenticating fill out the form with details of your request. Submit.
  • The request will go to the Harvard library that owns the item (the holding library).
  • The holding library will receive the request, go to the shelves and pull the item, copy it, and scan it.
  • The article/book chapter will be posted on a server and you will receive an email with the link to it. Click on the link to retrieve the article. It will be there for 30 days.

Some things to note about Scan & Deliver:

  • The process can take up to four business days. (Remember that someone has to actually find, pull, copy and scan each item!)
  • Requests are subject to copyright restrictions. That means no more than one chapter per book, or one article per journal issue.
  • The service will be most useful when you want a book chapter from Countway or a journal article from the Harvard Depository. If you need something we have here in the Ernst Mayr Library, contact me directly.Or, come over, have some chocolate or a cup of coffee, relax on our comfy sofa and enjoy!

updated: 01/29/2014