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Class Year Concentration Title Student Faculty Member
2009 Biochemistry Characterizing Transciptional Dynamics and Networks of Endodermal Organ Formation Chen, Tzong-Yang Albert Dr. Doug Melton
2008 Biochemistry A tiny protein links two morphogenetic processes in a bacterium Clapham, Katherine Rose Dr. Richard M. Losick
2008 Biochemistry Analysis of Multiple cis-Regulatory Elements Governing a Graded Transcriptional Response of a Single Gene to a Mammalian Morphogen McFarlane, Matthew R. Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon
2008 Biochemistry Biochemical and Structural Studies of the Bacillus Cereus MCM-Primase N-Terminal Domain Opara, Rejoice Dr. David Jeruzalmi
2008 Biochemistry Design, Construction, and Characterization of a Postsynaptic Marker and Studies of Dystrophin Regulation in the Central Nervous System of Drosophila melanogaster Thanawala, Monica Dr. Sam Kunes
2008 Biochemistry Development of a novel cell-free assay for detecting damage-induced single-stranded gaps in chromatin using Xenopus laevis egg extracts Jayaraman, Divya Dr. W. Matthew Michael
2008 Biochemistry Discovery of New Genes from the Intergenic Regions of Bacillus subtilis Nikolov, Lachezar Atanasov Dr. Richard M. Losick
2008 Biochemistry Elucidating the mechanism of spreading of PRC2-mediated histone methylation Yang, Jessica Dr. Nicole Francis
2008 Biochemistry Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species in Signaling Pathways Regulating Cisplatin-induced Death of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Sensory Hair Cells Mueller, Melissa A. Dr. John E. Dowling
2008 Biochemistry NPAS4 and the Critical Period Plasticity Yang, Eunice Dr. Takao Hensch
2008 Biochemistry Reproductive Survival and DNA Double-Strand Breakage in Desiccated Bdelloid Rotifer Adineta vaga McMullen, Kevin Dr. Matthew S. Meselson
2008 Biochemistry Synapse elimination provokes strengthening of the axonal inputs that innervate mouse submandibular ganglion neurons Chen, Serene Imperia Dr. Jeff Lichtman
2008 Biochemistry Synaptic Depression Following Postsynaptic Axotomy: Causes and Consequences Kim, Han Dr. Jeff Lichtman
2008 Biochemistry The Effect of WASp/WIP phosphorylation on Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity Chong, Ian Dennis Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2008 Biochemistry The Role of GlnA in Biofilm Formation by Bacillus subtilis Cadenas, Kelly Massiel Dr. Richard M. Losick
2007 Biochemistry Aspects of Gene Regulation in the óK Regulon During Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis Rotow, Julia Dr. Richard M. Losick
2007 Biochemistry Biochemical Studies of the DnaA Protein from Thermus Thermophilus Malhorta, Deepali Dr. David Jeruzalmi
2007 Biochemistry Chromosome mobility varies throughout the Escherichia coli cell cycle: A study in bacterial Chromosome dynamics Ho, Brian Thomas Dr. Nancy Kleckner
2007 Biochemistry Detecting tension between sister centromeres plays a role in the spindle checkpoint in budding yeast Girard, Juliet Dr. Andrew W. Murray
2007 Biochemistry Embryonic Pancreatic Progenitors Replicate Homogeneously to Produce the Mature Adult Pancreas Sy, Aileen Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biochemistry Ethanol-Induced Microphthalmia in the Developing Zebrafish Retina Koo, Kevin Dr. John E. Dowling
2007 Biochemistry Fatty acid-derived membrane lipids regulate the SREBP pathway through positive feedback Noriega, Thomas R. Dr. Axel Nohturfft
2007 Biochemistry Models of Muller Glial Cell Disruption and the Consequences on Retinal Health and Visual Function in the Zebrafish Retina Yannuzzi, Nicholas A. Dr. John E. Dowling
2007 Biochemistry Promoter Structure and Function in the Transcriptional Network Activated by the MAP Kinase Hog1 Rood, Jennifer Dr. Erin K. O'Shea
2007 Biochemistry Structural Studies of the Ankyrin Repeats of TRPV Ion Channels Huang, Robert Jeffrey Dr. Rachelle Gaudet
2007 Biochemistry The Requirement for Embryonic Stem Cell Chromatin in Fusion-Mediated Nuclear Reprogramming Staudt, David Dr. Kevin Eggan
2007 Biochemistry The Role of Activity in the Formation of Odor Maps Podolsky, Michael Jeffrey Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2007 Biochemistry Transcription Factor Networks and Signaling: A Molecular Analysis of Lung Development Blank, Leah J. Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biochemistry Transcriptional Regulation of Members of the Tripartite Motif Family in Response to Viral Infection Tseng, Benjamin Dr. Tom Maniatis
2006 Biochemistry Advances Toward The Identification Of Ligands Of Human Natural Killer Cell Activating Receptors Chin, Christopher Mark Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2006 Biochemistry Functional Studies of the Budding Yeast Kinetochore Protein Mif2p by X-ray Crystallography and Biochemistry Cohen, Robert L. Dr. Stephen Harrison
2006 Biochemistry Generation of recombinant baculovirus for desmoglein 3 and 4 proteins Tung, Lily Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2006 Biochemistry Mechanisms of Memory For Polycomb Group Complex Mediated Transcriptional Regulation During Replication Lako, Ana Dr. Nicole Francis
2006 Biochemistry Membrane Biogenesis and Phagocytosis Shieh, Eugenie Dr. Axel Nohturfft
2006 Biochemistry Structural and Biochemical Studies of the N-Terminal Region of the Temperature-Sensing TRPV Ion Channels Choo, Shelly SeungAh Dr. Rachelle Gaudet
2006 Biochemistry Studies on Lung Progenitors in Pulmonary Organogenesis Guseh, II, James Sawalla Dr. Doug Melton
2006 Biochemistry The Genomic and Molecular Tracing of the Evolutionary Origins of the Olfactory and Vomeronasal Systems: The Duplication of fez and fezl in Mouse, Zebrafish, and Frog Taha, Bushra W. Dr. Catherine Dulac
2006 Biochemistry The Human Origin Recognition Complex: Recombinant Expression in E. coli and Biochemical Analysis Neuhaus-Follini, Alexandra Dr. David Jeruzalmi
2006 Biochemistry The Role of Myosin II in Natural Killer Cell Effector Function Andzelm, Milena Maria Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2005 Biochemistry A Neural Switch Controlling Phototactic Behavior in Drosophila Onah, Anthony Dr. Sam Kunes
2005 Biochemistry A Quantitative Analysis of Cell-Cycle Timing in Budding Yeast Clearfield, Christopher R. Dr. Andrew W. Murray
2005 Biochemistry Characterization of HS5-1, a putative insulator and cis-regulatory element of the α-Protocadherins gene cluster Saville, Diana E. Dr. Tom Maniatis
2005 Biochemistry Development of Ebola Zaire GP2 Variants for Inhibitor Design Studies Abraham, Jonathan Dr. Stephen Harrison
2005 Biochemistry FRET reveals the dominant form of CD39 to be a monomer in living cells Jones, Scott L. Dr. Guido Guidotti
2005 Biochemistry Positional cloning of rad-2, a member of an embryonic C. elegans DNA damage-induced checkpoint bypass pathway Hung, Crystal Dr. W. Matthew Michael
2005 Biochemistry Recombinant Molecules For Structural And Functional Studies Of The Initiation of DNA Replication In Bacteria Rachlin, Evan Dr. David Jeruzalmi
2005 Biochemistry Role of Transcription Factor NF-кB in Synaptic Plasticity Liu, Cambrian Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2005 Biochemistry Structure-function studies of TRPA1, a thermo- and mechano-sensitive ion channel Solá-Del Valle, David Antonio Dr. Rachelle Gaudet
2005 Biochemistry Toward the Molecular Architecture of Neural Circuits Mediating Innate Aggressive Behavior in the Mammalian Brain Hsin, Honor Dr. Catherine Dulac
2004 Biochemistry A Computational Approach to the Identification of Protein Network Elements Involved in the Coupling of Gene Expression Machines in Eukaryotic Cells Maciag, Karolina Dr. Tom Maniatis
2004 Biochemistry A Systematic Screen for Synthetic Lethality Reveals Multiple Mechanisms of Genetic Redundancy Wen, Joanne C. Dr. Craig P. Hunter
2004 Biochemistry High-resolution Structural and Functional Studies of Sialic Acid Binding Variants of Rotavirus VP8* Monnier, Nilah Dr. Stephen Harrison
2004 Biochemistry Identification of Two Molecularly Distinct Populations of Mitral Cell in the Adult Vomeronasal System Goold, Carleton Dr. Catherine Dulac
2004 Biochemistry Receptor Methylation Profiles in Chemotaxis of Esherichia coli Moberly, Hillary Dr. Howard C. Berg
2004 Biochemistry Regulation of Synaptic CaMKII Expression by a Nicotinic Receptor Associated Protein, Rapsyn McLoon, Anna Lenora Dr. Sam Kunes
2004 Biochemistry Regulation of Synaptic CaMKII Expression by a Nicotinic Receptor Associated Protein, Rapsyn McLoon, Anna Lenora Dr. Sam Kunes
2004 Biochemistry Role of Ext2 in Pattern Formation and Hedgehog Signaling in Drosophila melanogaster Yeung, Albert C. Dr. William M. Gelbart
2004 Biochemistry Studies on the Role of the Transmembrane Domains in Oligomerization and Activity of Ectoapyrase CD39 Yuen, Jackie Dr. Guido Guidotti
2003 Biochemistry A Drosophila Rapsyn Regulates Synaptic Expression of the Plasticity Protein Calcium/Calmodulin Kinase II Fenster, Robert Jonathan Dr. Sam Kunes
2003 Biochemistry Alpha Integrins Mediate Costimulatory Signals in Natural Killer (NK) Cells and Accumulate at the Natural Killer Cell Activating Immunological Synapse in an Actin Dependent Manner Harris, K. Eliza Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2003 Biochemistry Characterization of the Effects of Ethanol on Zebrafish Retinal Development Lincoln, Matthew R. Dr. John E. Dowling
2003 Biochemistry Impaired LXR Target Gene Expression and ApoE Secretion in Niemann-Pick Type C Disease Cells and Restoration of Cholesterol Homeostasis by LXR Agonists Wang, Ruobing Dr. Axel Nohturfft
2003 Biochemistry Investigation of the BMP Signaling Pathway in Pancreatic Development Sachdeva, Uma Menon Dr. Doug Melton
2003 Biochemistry MAD2 Haploinsufficiency in Budding Yeast Barnhart, Erin Dr. Andrew W. Murray
2003 Biochemistry Sonic Hedgehog Signaling is Required for the Maintenance and Proliferation of Neural Progenitors in Postnatal Mammalian Telencephalic Proliferative Zones Muzumdar, Mandar Deepak Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon
2003 Biochemistry The Characterization and Mapping of the Marginal Zone Deficient (mzd) Mutation in Zebrafish Sangvhi, Kunal Dr. John E. Dowling
2003 Biochemistry Transcriptional Feedback Control of Sphingolipid Synthesis Koss, Catherine Anne Stimets Dr. Axel Nohturfft
2002 Biochemistry Analysis of Putative Upstream Regulators of IKKε Activity Muzzey, Dale Dr. Tom Maniatis
2002 Biochemistry Characterisation of Gene Expression in the Adult Mouse Subventricular Zone, a Site of Ongoing Neurogenesis Buck, Emily Dr. Catherine Dulac
2002 Biochemistry Characterization of a Novel Nuclear Protein Encoded on Chromosome 7 Chiu, Isaac Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2002 Biochemistry Experimental Evolution of Cooperation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Lu, Michael Dr. Andrew W. Murray
2002 Biochemistry Generation of an in vitro System to Enable Testing of Novel Peptide-Based Therapies for the Treatment of Pemphigus Vulgaris Feinberg, Evan Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2002 Biochemistry RNAi Analysis of Candidate Targets of the Caenorhabditis elegans Master Regulatory Transcription Factor pal-1 Unruh, Brandon Todd Dr. Craig P. Hunter
2002 Biochemistry The Identification of Genes Involved in the Development of Streptomyces coelicolor Yoo, Narie J. Dr. Richard M. Losick
2002 Biochemistry Towards Structural Studies of the KIX domain of CBP Zalatan, Jesse Dr. Stephen Harrison
2001 Biochemistry A Cross-species Comparison of the Translational Control Conferred by the pal-1 3’UTR in the Nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans and Caenorhabditis briggsae Ho, Diana Marie Dr. Craig P. Hunter
2001 Biochemistry Analysis of the TIF2-CBP Interaction By Site-directed Mutagenesis of CBP Woo, Eileen Dr. Stephen Harrison
2001 Biochemistry Characterization of Deletions Created by the Hybrid Mobile Element P{wHy} to Study Gene Function in Drosophila melanogaster Lu, Jeffrey Dr. William M. Gelbart
2001 Biochemistry Four Antennapedia-class Hox Genes in the Bdelloid Rotifer Philodina roseola Wilde, Lisa J. Dr. Matthew S. Meselson
2001 Biochemistry Functional Characterization of the Interactions Between HLA-G and KIR2DL4 Whitman, Mary-Elizabeth C. Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2001 Biochemistry Identification and Characterization of Proteins that Interact with TANK-Binding Kinase I Simpson, Jamie Lynne Dr. Tom Maniatis
2001 Biochemistry Initial Characterization of a Novel Natural Killer Cell Inhibitory Receptor, KIR2DL5 Kitchens, Jr., William H. Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2001 Biochemistry KIR2DL1-mediated Signaling Regulates Lipid Raft Polarization at the Natural Killer Cell Immune Synapse Fassett, Marlys S. Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2001 Biochemistry Mechanism of Stable RNA-DNA Hybrid Formation During Initiation of Replication in the COLE1 Plasmid Yeh, Ellen Dr. James Wang
2001 Biochemistry The DNA-binding Properties and Post-translational Modification of a Histone-like Protein from the Dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedrum Chudnovsky, Yakov Dr. J. (Woody) Woodland Hastings
2001 Biochemistry Voltage-Driven DNA Translocation through a Nanopore: Polymer Discrimination and Length Effects Nivón, Lucas G. Dr. Daniel Branton
2000 Biochemistry A Survey of Hox Genes in the Bdelloid Rotifer Philodina roseola to Examine the Effects of Asexuality on Gene Clustering Moynihan, Kathryn A. Dr. Matthew S. Meselson
2000 Biochemistry An Analysis of the Forkhead Transcription Factor FREAC-1 in Chick Pancreas Development Chase, Martha Dr. Doug Melton
2000 Biochemistry Construction of a Genetic Assay to Analyze Meiotic Cross-Over Interference in S. cervisiae Jambhekar, Ashwini Dr. Nancy Kleckner
2000 Biochemistry Fluorescent Labeling of the Flagellar Hook of Escherechia coli Shi, Liu (Lewis) Dr. Howard C. Berg
2000 Biochemistry Identification and Characterization of Known and Novel Genes Implicated in Murine Pancreatic Development Awad, Mark M Dr. Doug Melton
2000 Biochemistry Peptide Release From and Peptide Loading on HLA-DR Proteins Lau, Julie M. Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2000 Biochemistry Studies on the Function of the Nuclear Export Signal (NES) of Mek1 Krechman, Brian Dr. Ray L. Erikson
2000 Biochemistry Study of Ligand Profile for ATP Synthase Subunit C Ion Pore Mao, Rong Dr. Guido Guidotti