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Class Year Concentration Title Student Faculty Member
2009 Biology Characterizing a Wnt signal pathway in kidney development Ruback, Benjamin Frederick Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon
2008 Biology Biochemical Studies of the MCM-like Helicase from B. cereus Gulati, Guarav Dr. David Jeruzalmi
2008 Biology Effects of copolymer treatment on CNS-resident microglia in an animal model of multiple sclerosis Passanese, John Charles Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2008 Biology Identification of a label-retaining cell population in the developing kidney Soh, Ying Qi Shirleen Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon
2008 Biology Identifying the Molecular Mechanisms of Sensory Neuron Development and Function Wang, Peter Pei Dr. Alex F. Schier
2008 Biology Impact of pheromone circuits on mice ultrasonic vocalizations Xu, Jennings Yukuan Dr. Catherine Dulac
2008 Biology p16ink4a has the Potential to Induce a Transcriptional Program of Lysosomal Membrane Biogenesis Martinez, Sergio Armando Dr. Axel Nohturfft
2008 Biology Responses of the Mouse Vomeronasal Organ to Salivary Compounds Reinert, Anna Elizabeth Dr. Catherine Dulac
2007 Biology A comparative study of Calcium indicator introduction methods in Danio rerio and Xenopus laevis Talsania, Sonali Dala Dr. Florian Engert
2007 Biology At Humanity's Boundary: Ethical Issues in the Creation of Human-Animal Chimeras Ramaswamy, Vivek Ganapathy Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biology Comparative in vitro analysis of Polycomb group proteins Suppressor 2 of zeste and Posterior Sex Combs Ahuja, Nitin Kumar Dr. Nicole Francis
2007 Biology Labeling Definitive Endoderm in the Mouse Alcalde, Victor Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biology Positive Feedback Regulation of SREBPs by Phospholipids Gorczya, Marta Elzbieta Dr. Axel Nohturfft
2007 Biology System for Expression of Cre Recombinase from the Mouse Brachyury (T) Locus Kim, Francis Sun Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biology Transcription Factor Binding and Processing in the Type I IFN Signaling Pathway: DNA Binding of Transcription Factor Complex ISGF3 and the Ikk[epsilon]-mediated Degradation of One of its Protein Components, STAT1 Zhu, Nan Dr. Tom Maniatis
2006 Biology Calcium imaging in the Zebrafish optic tectum reveals visually-evoked and synchronous, spontaneous activity Buckland, Gregory Nathaniel Dr. Florian Engert
2006 Biology Genetic analysis of progenitor cells and signaling pathways in pancreatic organogenesis Law, Anica Chi-Ying Dr. Doug Melton
2006 Biology Identification of a Potential Physiological Substrate for PlK1 and its Potential Role in Mitosis in HeLa and MCF10A Cells Saha, Surajit Dr. Ray L. Erikson
2006 Biology Kir2.1 Uncoupling of Hebbian and Homeostatic Plasticity: An In-Vivo Time Lapse Imaging of Dendritic Morphogenesis Jacobstein, Jeffrey Matthew Dr. Florian Engert
2006 Biology The characterization and mapping of the Blowout (blw) mutation in Zebrafish Smith, Kierann Elizabeth Dr. John E. Dowling
2006 Biology The Morphological Types and Connectivity of Horizontal Cells Found in the Adult Zebrafish Retina Song, Philip In Dr. John E. Dowling
2005 Biology A Homology Sequence in Hedgehog, Not Cholesterol, is Important for Hedgehog Intracellular Transport in Drosophila Chiu, Michael Zheng-Shee Dr. Sam Kunes
2005 Biology CD39 Forms Large Disulfide-Bonded Aggregates and May Dimerize, as Determined by Crosslinking and Pull-Down Assays Zlotoff, Daniel Aaron Dr. Guido Guidotti
2005 Biology Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells as a Model for Parkinson's Disease Bracken, Racquel Noh Dr. Doug Melton
2004 Biology A Novel Sensitized Assay Reveals a Role for Eph Receptor Tyrosine Kinase in Learning and Memory in Drosophila Lin, Andrew Che-yu Dr. Sam Kunes
2004 Biology Notch Signaling Inhibits Secretory Fates in the Mouse Intestine Datar, Radhika Srikant Dr. Doug Melton
2004 Biology Observing Neural Activity in Populations and Dendrites of Tectal Neurons using Calcium Imaging and 2-Photon Microscopy Young, Jonathan Stockwell Dr. Florian Engert
2004 Biology Study of Silencing and Concerted Evolution in Ancient Asexuals through Molecular Evolutionary Analysis of Histone Genes in Bdelloid Rotifers Mandigo, Morgan Lee Dr. Matthew S. Meselson
2004 Biology The Characterization of the Retinal Phenotype of mariner, a Mutation in the Myosin VIIA of Zebrafish Murphy, Meagan Kelley Dr. John E. Dowling
2004 Biology The Id Family of Helix-loop-helix Factors in the Zebrafish Danio rerio: a Role for Id2 in Retinal Development Li, Andrea Ho-Wan Dr. John E. Dowling
2004 Biology The isolation and characterization of light emitting organelles from two species of bioluminescent dinoflagellates Tang, Peilan Elizabeth Dr. J. (Woody) Woodland Hastings
2003 Biology A Mutagenesis Screen to Identify Genes Involved in EPH-Ephrin Signaling in Drosophila melanogaster Reed, Brian Derrick Dr. Sam Kunes
2003 Biology Light-Evoked Calcium Transients in the Optic Tectum of Xenopus Tadpoles Day, Evan Skinner Dr. Florian Engert
2003 Biology The early characterization and genetic mapping of dazed, a retinal mutation in zebrafish Nicholas, Claire Susan Dr. John E. Dowling
2003 Biology The Logic of Pheromone Detection: Visualizing the Organization and Development of a Sensory Map in the Mouse Accessory Olfactory Bulb. Morrison, Sara Emily Dr. Catherine Dulac
2003 Biology The Logic of Pheromone Detection: Visualizing the Organization and Development of a Sensory Map in the Mouse Accessory Olfactory Bulb. Morrison, Sara Emily Dr. Catherine Dulac
2002 Biology A Behavioral Study of the Dopaminergic Processes Involved in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Larvae Dark-Adapted Vision Simmons, John Franklin Dr. John E. Dowling
2002 Biology An Exploration of the Genomic Structure of the Luciferase from the Dinoflagellate Pyrocistis lunula Hill, Robert Sean Dr. J. (Woody) Woodland Hastings
2002 Biology Investigation of the Mechanism Underlying Circadian Fluctuation of Luciferase Protein Abundance in L. Polyedra Buas, Matthew Frank Dr. J. (Woody) Woodland Hastings
2002 Biology Synaptic Activity of the AFD neuron in Caenorhabditis elegans depends on both ambient temperature and the temperature of cultivation Silva, Ruwan Amila Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2002 Biology Targeting Ext2 with the P{wHy} System in Drosophila melanogaster Martin, Nicole Marie Dr. William M. Gelbart
2002 Biology The Development of Learning: 10-Year-Olds and Neurobiology Hoffman, Rachel Rose Dr. John E. Dowling
2001 Biology A classification of retinal ganglion cells in zebrafish Mangrum, Wells Isaac Dr. John E. Dowling
2001 Biology Characterization of an Insulin Receptor Fusion Protein Carrying a CD39 Transmembrane Domain Rao, Deepak Angara Dr. Guido Guidotti
2001 Biology Chronic Inhibition of Single Neurons via the Overextension of Kir 2.1 Induces Multiple Distinct Forms of Plasticity in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons O'Byrne, Michael Liam Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2001 Biology Laser Capture Microdissection Allows for Molecular Mapping of the Main Olfactory Bulb Marson, Alexander Dr. Catherine Dulac
2000 Biology A Missense mutation in Domain Four, Transmembrane Segment Six Dramatically Enhances Slow Inactivation in Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels Jelin, Eric Dr. Guido Guidotti
2000 Biology A role for Drab 5, a Drosophila rab GTPase, in the development of the fly visual system Chung, Sooyoung Dr. Sam Kunes
2000 Biology An Investigation of Lymphocyte-Oriented Kinase as a Possible Upstream Activator of Serum Inducible Kinase McClelland, Shearwood Dr. Ray L. Erikson
2000 Biology Cells in Gels: Neurite development and cellular motility in and on deformable substrates Ju, Yo-El Dr. Guido Guidotti
2000 Biology Characterization of a Clonal, Nociceptor Cell Line Derived from a Neuronal Progenitor from the Dorsal Root Ganglia Ramsey, David Dr. John E. Dowling
2000 Biology Characterization of A-Beta Antibodies in Two Strains of Mice Desai, Roanak Dr. John E. Dowling
2000 Biology Confused mutation causes increased postmitotic cell death in the zebrafish retina Ryou, Thomas Dr. John E. Dowling
2000 Biology Effects of background motion on visual tracking in humans Gordon, Laurie Dr. John E. Dowling
2000 Biology Identification and Characterization of Novel Neuropeptide Genes in the Nematode _Caenorhabditis elegans_ Nathoo, Arif Dr. Craig P. Hunter
2000 Biology In Vivo Manipulation of Gene Activity in Mice Grant, Paul Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon
2000 Biology Isolation and Cloning of the Novel Leucine-rich Chu, Josephine Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon
2000 Biology Molecular Determinants on a CD4-independent HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein Rubinstein, Roee Dr. Ray L. Erikson
2000 Biology N-Terminal Tyrosine Sulfation of CCR5 and its Effects on Chemokine Binding Santon, Niki Dr. Guido Guidotti
2000 Biology NMDA Surface Expression in a Catecholaminergic Cell Line: Effects of Subunit Composition on Intracellular Trafficking Upadhyay, Guarav Dr. Sam Kunes
2000 Biology Striatal dopamine receptor sensitivity as measured by immediate early gene induction in a mouse model of Huntington's Disease Spektor, Boris Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2000 Biology Temporally Graded Retrograde Amnesia in Rats with Neurotoxic Lesions on a Paired Discrimination Task Ballantyne, John Dr. Catherine Dulac
2000 Biology The Neurochemical Basis of Tourette's Syndrome Agrawal, Yuri Dr. Sam Kunes
2000 Biology The Role of beta-catenin and Tcf/LEF-1 in Avian Cardiogenesis Liu, Grace Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon
2000 Biology The Role of Inducible Costimulator (ICOS) in the Immune Response Lumelsky, Anna Dr. William M. Gelbart
2000 Biology The role of NR3A, a modulatory NMDA receptor subunit, on neuronal survival during development Tsai, Elena Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2000 Biology Tight lunction morphology in relation to the navel protein symptekin Wang, Luke Yuan-Je Dr. Don Wiley
1999 Biology "Analysis of a Mutation in the cnk Gene of Drosophila " Peek, Carrie P Dr. Sam Kunes
1999 Biology "Analysis of Multimeric Protein Complexes from the Unicellular Marine Dinoflagellate Gonyaulax polyedra " Henry, Robert H Dr. J. (Woody) Woodland Hastings
1999 Biology Determination of Fusion Competency of the Ebola Virus Membrane Fusion Subunit Gp2 When Expressed in the Absence of Its Receptor-binding Domai Lin, Harrison W Dr. Don Wiley
1999 Biology Investigation of recombinant D218,D22-Mek NIH 3T3 cells: Effects on the Raf/Erk kinase cascade, HB-EGF Autocrine Loop, and Design of a Mek-NES Deletion Construct Samuel, Jonathan C Dr. Ray L. Erikson
1999 Biology More Than Meets The Eye: Rescue Of The Pandora Mutation In Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Using Retinoic Acid Hazan, Alberto Dr. John E. Dowling
1999 Biology Translational Regulation of skn-1 mRNA in early C. elegans Embryos is Mediated by its 5' and 3' Untranslated Regions Cho, Keuna Dr. Craig P. Hunter
1998 Biology An Ethylmethane Sulfonate Mutagenesis Screen in Drosophila to Identify Possible Alleles of the Drosophila S6Kinase Gene Frontera, Alfred T Dr. William M. Gelbart
1998 Biology Characterization of the Regulatory Domain if Krs-1, a Ste20-like Human Kinase. Cheng, Olivia J Dr. Ray L. Erikson
1998 Biology Identification and Characterization of Suppressors of dpp Hanakahi, Wendy F Dr. William M. Gelbart
1998 Biology Mapping and Analysis of Enhancer Trap DsElements in Arabidopsis thaliana Chong, Angeline Y W Dr. Robert Pruitt
1998 Biology PRDI-BF1/BLIMP-1 transcriptional repression is mediated through Groucho-related proteins Chee, Kerlen J L Dr. Tom Maniatis
1998 Biology Surface expression of KIR103, a putative killer cell inhibitory receptor, and its possible role in HLA-G recognition by the NK-like tumor line YTS Becker, Todd C Dr. Tom Maniatis