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Class Year Concentration Title Student Faculty Member
2014 Neurobiology Neuron type specific tracing from Dopaminergic neurons in the Ventral Tegmental Area in Transgenic Mice Zheng, Lingjin Dr. Naoshige Uchida
2013 Neurobiology Effects of Soluble Amyloid-­‐[beta] Peptides on Transmission and Plasticity in the Hippocampus Bhuyan, Rupak K Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2013 Neurobiology Fish food: neuromodulatory systems involved with feeding behaviors in larval zebrafish Bohnslav, Jimmy Dr. Florian Engert
2013 Neurobiology Investigating the role of the latera habenula in reinforcement learning Awwad, Lena K Dr. Naoshige Uchida
2013 Neurobiology Mapping the Brain’s Connections to Midbrain Dopamine Neurons Using Modified Rabies Virus in Transgenic Mice Shi, Lynn Dr. Leonard Zon
2013 Neurobiology Observational Learning of Complex Procedural Tasks in Octopus Vulgaris Martinoh, Antone Dr. Florian Engert
2013 Neurobiology Organization of Retinal Ganglion Cell Axons in Larval Zebrafish Plummer, George S Dr. Florian Engert
2013 Neurobiology Unified Model for a Functional Algorithm Underlying Behaviors of the Cerebellum and Cerebellum-­Like Structures Mitnick, Ariel S Dr. Florian Engert
2013 Neurobiology Visualizing the functional integration of newborn granule cells in the adult mouse olfactory bulb by long-­term in vivo imaging Kim, Nathan Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2012 Neurobiology An Investigation of Bilateral Innervation by the Facial Nerve on the Interscutularis Muscle Lee, Kyuwon Dr. Jeff Lichtman
2012 Neurobiology Maternal separation effects in GABA-deficient GAD65 KO mice Liu, Yingna Dr. Takao Hensch
2012 Neurobiology Significance of the putative dsRNA transporter SidT2 in mammalian behavior Horn, Kyla Davis Dr. Craig P. Hunter
2012 Neurobiology Why Plasticity Matters: The Effects of Music Exposure during a “Critical Period” of Anxiety Circuit Development Lin, Eric Wen-Young Dr. Takao Hensch
2011 Neurobiology Characterization of Dopaminergic Neurons in the Rodent Olfactory Bulb in vivo Cho, Young-ji Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2011 Neurobiology Characterizing the Ethological Function of Individual Vomeronasal Receptors Si, Sheng Dr. Catherine Dulac
2011 Neurobiology Comprehensive identification of direct inputs into midbrain dopamine neurons using modified rabies virus Zhu, Lisa Li Dr. Nao Uchida
2011 Neurobiology Neuropeptide function in larval zebrafish: The role of cholecystokinin in anxiety-related behavior Shi, Veronica Jennie Dr. Alex F. Schier
2011 Neurobiology Spatial Discounting in the Domestic Dog: Establishing a novel behavioral model system for examining economic decision making Chang, Winston Joe Dr. Florian Engert
2011 Neurobiology Spatial Organization of Neocortical Myelinated Axons at the Ultrastructural Level Luo, Zhihao Dr. Jeff Lichtman
2011 Neurobiology The Neurobiology of Economic Decision Making: The Influence of Risk on Delay Discounting in Rats Anhalt, Daina Sara Dr. Nao Uchida
2011 Neurobiology The optokinetic response and horizontal cell connectivity of the nof mutant zebrafish van Dams, Ritchell Roberto Jose Dr. John E. Dowling
2010 Neurobiology A behavioral assay of larval zebrafish habituation Rengarajan, Sophie Dr. Florian Engert
2010 Neurobiology Characterization of dopamine neuron activity in category learning based on ambiguity Stujenske, Josephine Matthew Dr. John E. Dowling
2010 Neurobiology Characterizing synaptic elimination of multiple innervations in the medical nucleus of the trapezoid body Zhang, May Meishu Dr. Jeff Lichtman
2010 Neurobiology Effect of white noise exposure on the mouse auditory thalamocortical connections and the presence of a critical period for acoustic sensitivity Zhang, Elizabeth Jianing Dr. Takao Hensch
2010 Neurobiology Environmental influences on auditory neuronal development in mice DeWolf, Susan E Dr. Takao Hensch
2010 Neurobiology Molecular understandings of pain sensation: structural studies on Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 channel Beristain-Barajas, Alejandra Dr. Rachelle Gaudet
2010 Neurobiology Temporary retinoic acid deficiency induces microphthalmia in zebrafish Le, Hong-Gam Thi Dr. John E. Dowling
2010 Neurobiology The bug eye mutant zebrafish exhibits glaucomatous visual deficits that arise with the onset of an enlarged eye phenotype Terrelonge, Mark Anthony Dr. Nao Uchida
2010 Neurobiology The cone horizontal cell connectivity of the adult nof zebrafish mutant Robinson, Nathaniel David Dr. John E. Dowling
2010 Neurobiology The effect of early auditory environment on the cortical representation of sound Kwong, Mimmie Dr. Takao Hensch
2009 Neurobiology Activity-dependence of glutamate decarboxylase in dissociated culture of rat hippocampal neurons Vidal, George Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2009 Neurobiology Cell and non-cell pathology and alternative splicing deregulation in ALS Siao, Michelle Chua Dr. Tom Maniatis
2009 Neurobiology Characterization of premature axon branching in the developing mammalian peripheral system Mendelsohn, Alana Irene Dr. Jeff Lichtman
2009 Neurobiology Silverb, a gene expressed in the zebrafish retinal pigment epithelium, is required for normal retinal lamination and differentiation Trowbridge, Sara Kishi Dr. John E. Dowling
2009 Neurobiology Using GFP-aequorin to study the role of serotonergic neurons in the dorsal raphe nuclei of larval zebrafish Wang, Xiao A Dr. Florian Engert
2008 Neurobiology Increasing Brainbow Fluorescence Intensity via Antibodies Mou, David Dr. Jeff Lichtman
2008 Neurobiology Rate and Mechanisms of Hedgehog Transport in the Developing Drosophila Visual System Liu, Kristina Jing Dr. Sam Kunes
2007 Neurobiology A Cell-Based Model for Parkinson's Disease Fenno, Lief Ericcson Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Neurobiology Development and Regeneration of Hair Cells in the Anterior and Posterior Lateral Line Neuromasts of Zebrafish Megerdichian, Christine Lisa Dr. John E. Dowling
2007 Neurobiology Egr1 expression and function during zebrafish retinal development O'Brien, Jennifer Carroll Dr. John E. Dowling
2007 Neurobiology Immediate early gene expression indicates olfactory sensory detection of physiologically relevant stimuli Paul, Jonathan Adam Dr. Catherine Dulac
2007 Neurobiology Role of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Nav1.2 in Dendrite Morphology and Synaptic Strength Cekanaviciute, Egle Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy