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Year 1998

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6 theses listed.

Class Year Concentration Title Student Faculty Member
1998 Biology An Ethylmethane Sulfonate Mutagenesis Screen in Drosophila to Identify Possible Alleles of the Drosophila S6Kinase Gene Frontera, Alfred T Dr. William M. Gelbart
1998 Biology Characterization of the Regulatory Domain if Krs-1, a Ste20-like Human Kinase. Cheng, Olivia J Dr. Ray L. Erikson
1998 Biology Identification and Characterization of Suppressors of dpp Hanakahi, Wendy F Dr. William M. Gelbart
1998 Biology Mapping and Analysis of Enhancer Trap DsElements in Arabidopsis thaliana Chong, Angeline Y W Dr. Robert Pruitt
1998 Biology PRDI-BF1/BLIMP-1 transcriptional repression is mediated through Groucho-related proteins Chee, Kerlen J L Dr. Tom Maniatis
1998 Biology Surface expression of KIR103, a putative killer cell inhibitory receptor, and its possible role in HLA-G recognition by the NK-like tumor line YTS Becker, Todd C Dr. Tom Maniatis