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Year 2001

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Class Year Concentration Title Student Faculty Member
2001 Biochemistry A Cross-species Comparison of the Translational Control Conferred by the pal-1 3’UTR in the Nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans and Caenorhabditis briggsae Ho, Diana Marie Dr. Craig P. Hunter
2001 Biochemistry Analysis of the TIF2-CBP Interaction By Site-directed Mutagenesis of CBP Woo, Eileen Dr. Stephen Harrison
2001 Biochemistry Characterization of Deletions Created by the Hybrid Mobile Element P{wHy} to Study Gene Function in Drosophila melanogaster Lu, Jeffrey Dr. William M. Gelbart
2001 Biochemistry Four Antennapedia-class Hox Genes in the Bdelloid Rotifer Philodina roseola Wilde, Lisa J. Dr. Matthew S. Meselson
2001 Biochemistry Functional Characterization of the Interactions Between HLA-G and KIR2DL4 Whitman, Mary-Elizabeth C. Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2001 Biochemistry Identification and Characterization of Proteins that Interact with TANK-Binding Kinase I Simpson, Jamie Lynne Dr. Tom Maniatis
2001 Biochemistry Initial Characterization of a Novel Natural Killer Cell Inhibitory Receptor, KIR2DL5 Kitchens, Jr., William H. Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2001 Biochemistry KIR2DL1-mediated Signaling Regulates Lipid Raft Polarization at the Natural Killer Cell Immune Synapse Fassett, Marlys S. Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2001 Biochemistry Mechanism of Stable RNA-DNA Hybrid Formation During Initiation of Replication in the COLE1 Plasmid Yeh, Ellen Dr. James Wang
2001 Biochemistry The DNA-binding Properties and Post-translational Modification of a Histone-like Protein from the Dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedrum Chudnovsky, Yakov Dr. J. (Woody) Woodland Hastings
2001 Biochemistry Voltage-Driven DNA Translocation through a Nanopore: Polymer Discrimination and Length Effects Nivón, Lucas G. Dr. Daniel Branton
2001 Biology A classification of retinal ganglion cells in zebrafish Mangrum, Wells Isaac Dr. John E. Dowling
2001 Biology Characterization of an Insulin Receptor Fusion Protein Carrying a CD39 Transmembrane Domain Rao, Deepak Angara Dr. Guido Guidotti
2001 Biology Chronic Inhibition of Single Neurons via the Overextension of Kir 2.1 Induces Multiple Distinct Forms of Plasticity in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons O'Byrne, Michael Liam Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2001 Biology Laser Capture Microdissection Allows for Molecular Mapping of the Main Olfactory Bulb Marson, Alexander Dr. Catherine Dulac