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Year 2005

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13 theses listed.

Class Year Concentration Title Student Faculty Member
2005 Biochemistry A Neural Switch Controlling Phototactic Behavior in Drosophila Onah, Anthony Dr. Sam Kunes
2005 Biochemistry A Quantitative Analysis of Cell-Cycle Timing in Budding Yeast Clearfield, Christopher R. Dr. Andrew W. Murray
2005 Biochemistry Characterization of HS5-1, a putative insulator and cis-regulatory element of the α-Protocadherins gene cluster Saville, Diana E. Dr. Tom Maniatis
2005 Biochemistry Development of Ebola Zaire GP2 Variants for Inhibitor Design Studies Abraham, Jonathan Dr. Stephen Harrison
2005 Biochemistry FRET reveals the dominant form of CD39 to be a monomer in living cells Jones, Scott L. Dr. Guido Guidotti
2005 Biochemistry Positional cloning of rad-2, a member of an embryonic C. elegans DNA damage-induced checkpoint bypass pathway Hung, Crystal Dr. W. Matthew Michael
2005 Biochemistry Recombinant Molecules For Structural And Functional Studies Of The Initiation of DNA Replication In Bacteria Rachlin, Evan Dr. David Jeruzalmi
2005 Biochemistry Role of Transcription Factor NF-кB in Synaptic Plasticity Liu, Cambrian Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2005 Biochemistry Structure-function studies of TRPA1, a thermo- and mechano-sensitive ion channel Solá-Del Valle, David Antonio Dr. Rachelle Gaudet
2005 Biochemistry Toward the Molecular Architecture of Neural Circuits Mediating Innate Aggressive Behavior in the Mammalian Brain Hsin, Honor Dr. Catherine Dulac
2005 Biology A Homology Sequence in Hedgehog, Not Cholesterol, is Important for Hedgehog Intracellular Transport in Drosophila Chiu, Michael Zheng-Shee Dr. Sam Kunes
2005 Biology CD39 Forms Large Disulfide-Bonded Aggregates and May Dimerize, as Determined by Crosslinking and Pull-Down Assays Zlotoff, Daniel Aaron Dr. Guido Guidotti
2005 Biology Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells as a Model for Parkinson's Disease Bracken, Racquel Noh Dr. Doug Melton