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Year 2007

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Class Year Concentration Title Student Faculty Member
2007 Neurobiology A Cell-Based Model for Parkinson's Disease Fenno, Lief Ericcson Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Neurobiology Development and Regeneration of Hair Cells in the Anterior and Posterior Lateral Line Neuromasts of Zebrafish Megerdichian, Christine Lisa Dr. John E. Dowling
2007 Neurobiology Egr1 expression and function during zebrafish retinal development O'Brien, Jennifer Carroll Dr. John E. Dowling
2007 Neurobiology Immediate early gene expression indicates olfactory sensory detection of physiologically relevant stimuli Paul, Jonathan Adam Dr. Catherine Dulac
2007 Neurobiology Role of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Nav1.2 in Dendrite Morphology and Synaptic Strength Cekanaviciute, Egle Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2007 Biochemistry Aspects of Gene Regulation in the óK Regulon During Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis Rotow, Julia Dr. Richard M. Losick
2007 Biochemistry Biochemical Studies of the DnaA Protein from Thermus Thermophilus Malhorta, Deepali Dr. David Jeruzalmi
2007 Biochemistry Chromosome mobility varies throughout the Escherichia coli cell cycle: A study in bacterial Chromosome dynamics Ho, Brian Thomas Dr. Nancy Kleckner
2007 Biochemistry Detecting tension between sister centromeres plays a role in the spindle checkpoint in budding yeast Girard, Juliet Dr. Andrew W. Murray
2007 Biochemistry Embryonic Pancreatic Progenitors Replicate Homogeneously to Produce the Mature Adult Pancreas Sy, Aileen Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biochemistry Ethanol-Induced Microphthalmia in the Developing Zebrafish Retina Koo, Kevin Dr. John E. Dowling
2007 Biochemistry Fatty acid-derived membrane lipids regulate the SREBP pathway through positive feedback Noriega, Thomas R. Dr. Axel Nohturfft
2007 Biochemistry Models of Muller Glial Cell Disruption and the Consequences on Retinal Health and Visual Function in the Zebrafish Retina Yannuzzi, Nicholas A. Dr. John E. Dowling
2007 Biochemistry Promoter Structure and Function in the Transcriptional Network Activated by the MAP Kinase Hog1 Rood, Jennifer Dr. Erin K. O'Shea
2007 Biochemistry Structural Studies of the Ankyrin Repeats of TRPV Ion Channels Huang, Robert Jeffrey Dr. Rachelle Gaudet
2007 Biochemistry The Requirement for Embryonic Stem Cell Chromatin in Fusion-Mediated Nuclear Reprogramming Staudt, David Dr. Kevin Eggan
2007 Biochemistry The Role of Activity in the Formation of Odor Maps Podolsky, Michael Jeffrey Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2007 Biochemistry Transcription Factor Networks and Signaling: A Molecular Analysis of Lung Development Blank, Leah J. Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biochemistry Transcriptional Regulation of Members of the Tripartite Motif Family in Response to Viral Infection Tseng, Benjamin Dr. Tom Maniatis
2007 Biology A comparative study of Calcium indicator introduction methods in Danio rerio and Xenopus laevis Talsania, Sonali Dala Dr. Florian Engert
2007 Biology At Humanity's Boundary: Ethical Issues in the Creation of Human-Animal Chimeras Ramaswamy, Vivek Ganapathy Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biology Comparative in vitro analysis of Polycomb group proteins Suppressor 2 of zeste and Posterior Sex Combs Ahuja, Nitin Kumar Dr. Nicole Francis
2007 Biology Labeling Definitive Endoderm in the Mouse Alcalde, Victor Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biology Positive Feedback Regulation of SREBPs by Phospholipids Gorczya, Marta Elzbieta Dr. Axel Nohturfft
2007 Biology System for Expression of Cre Recombinase from the Mouse Brachyury (T) Locus Kim, Francis Sun Dr. Doug Melton
2007 Biology Transcription Factor Binding and Processing in the Type I IFN Signaling Pathway: DNA Binding of Transcription Factor Complex ISGF3 and the Ikk[epsilon]-mediated Degradation of One of its Protein Components, STAT1 Zhu, Nan Dr. Tom Maniatis