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Year 2009

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Class Year Concentration Title Student Faculty Member
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology An Embryonic Stem Cell Based System for Rapid Analysis of Developmentally Regulated Enhancer Elements Tasanov, Kaloyan M. Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology Analysis of Olfactory Bulb Glomerular Responses to Odors in Mice of Different Behavioral States Blauvelt, David Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology Identifying Cell Cycle Stage-Specific Polycomb Group Protein Complexes Mason, Amanda Dr. Nicole Francis
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology In Vitro Directed Differentiation of Mouse ES Cells to Cells in Pancreatic Lineage using Small Molecules and Ectopic Expression of Key Transcription Factors Hightower, Jessica Stewart Dr. Doug Melton
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology Insights into the Intercellular Transport of Gene Silencing in a Nematode Worm Hsu, Jenny Dr. Craig P. Hunter
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology Memory of the mouse ES cell transcriptional program through cell division Massasa, Efi Efraim Dr. Kevin Eggan
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology Morphology and Laminar Segregation of Single Retinal Ganglion Cell Axon Arbors in the Superior Colliculus of the Mouse Esch, Jennifer Dr. Joshua R. Sanes
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology Site-directed Fluorescent Labeling of the Dual Transmembrane Domains of the Ecto-enzyme CD39 Morris, Benjamin Dr. Guido Guidotti
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology Studying the extracellular function of Protocadherin-α proteins Mattos, David Dr. Tom Maniatis
2009 Molecular and Cellular Biology Suppression of a mouse model of multiple sclerosis by immunization with an aluminium aduvant and low dosages Tartaglia, Christina Eloisa Dr. Jack L. Strominger
2009 Neurobiology Activity-dependence of glutamate decarboxylase in dissociated culture of rat hippocampal neurons Vidal, George Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2009 Neurobiology Cell and non-cell pathology and alternative splicing deregulation in ALS Siao, Michelle Chua Dr. Tom Maniatis
2009 Neurobiology Characterization of premature axon branching in the developing mammalian peripheral system Mendelsohn, Alana Irene Dr. Jeff Lichtman
2009 Neurobiology Silverb, a gene expressed in the zebrafish retinal pigment epithelium, is required for normal retinal lamination and differentiation Trowbridge, Sara Kishi Dr. John E. Dowling
2009 Neurobiology Using GFP-aequorin to study the role of serotonergic neurons in the dorsal raphe nuclei of larval zebrafish Wang, Xiao A Dr. Florian Engert
2009 Chemical and Physical Biology Structural Studies of TRPV1 Activation by Capsaicin Li, Albert Dr. Rachelle Gaudet
2009 Chemical and Physical Biology The Distribution of Fitness Effects of Deleterious Mutations in the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Chung, Hannah Dr. Andrew W. Murray
2009 Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Effect of trkB deletion on newborn geramite (?) cells in the mouse olfactory bulb Zhang, Kevin Yi Jun Dr. Venkatesh N. Murthy
2009 Biochemistry Characterizing Transciptional Dynamics and Networks of Endodermal Organ Formation Chen, Tzong-Yang Albert Dr. Doug Melton
2009 Biology Characterizing a Wnt signal pathway in kidney development Ruback, Benjamin Frederick Dr. Andrew (Andy) P. McMahon