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Department of Molecular
and Cellular Biology

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Our mission is to research and teach how the collective behavior of molecules and cells forms the basis of life. We are driven by a passion for discovery and education and supported by cutting-edge research centers and state-of-the-art facilities on Harvard’s Cambridge campus.

Areas of research within MCB are highly diverse, ranging from the study of RNA structure, chromosome movement and cell wall synthesis, to membrane biogenesis, organ development and odor sensing. Our experimental systems are equally varied, ranging from viruses, bacteria and yeast, to Drosophila, C. elegans, zebrafish, and mouse.

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Latest News

Steffen Wolff, (l) and Greg Guitchounts

Moving in the Dark: Primary Visual Cortex Encodes Information 3D Orienting Movements of the Head

For the past half century, neuroscientists have seen the visual cortex as the part of the brain that processes imagery. Visual information enters the brain via the retina […]

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Sean Eddy

MCB Chair Sean Eddy Highlights Inclusion Issues and Encourages MCB Community to Try New Strategies

On MCB Chair Sean Eddy’s first day on the job, over 140 MCB community members tuned in for a “town hall” Zoom call to discuss the most pressing […]

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(l to r) Erin Diel, Jeff Lichtman, and Doug Richardson

Spherical Aberration [HCBI]

Although you’ve likely seen refraction at work in your daily life – a spoon appearing to bend in a glass of water or the colorful patterns made by […]

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Amanda Whipple

Amanda Whipple Receives the Rita Allen Foundation’s Most Prestigious Award for New Faculty

MCB faculty Amanda Whipple has been chosen by the Rita Allen Foundation as one of five Rita Allen Scholars in the Class of 2020 and the sole recipient […]

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Upcoming Events

Alyson Ramirez Dissertation Defense

  • 10am - Thursday Aug 27, 2020

Matt Reilly Dissertation Defense

  • 2pm - Thursday Aug 27, 2020