Department of Molecular
and Cellular Biology
About us

About us

Our mission is to research and teach how the collective behavior of molecules and cells forms the basis of life. We are driven by a passion for discovery and education and supported by cutting-edge research centers and state-of-the-art facilities on Harvard’s Cambridge campus.

Areas of research within MCB are highly diverse, ranging from the study of RNA structure, chromosome movement and cell wall synthesis, to membrane biogenesis, organ development and odor sensing. Our experimental systems are equally varied, ranging from viruses, bacteria and yeast, to Drosophila, C. elegans, zebrafish, and mouse.

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Latest News

Abdullah Yonar (l) and Sharad Ramanathan

Finding a Neuron in a Haystack [Ramanathan Lab]

A fundamental question in neuroscience is how neural networks generate behavior. The first challenge in answering this question is to identify neurons and circuits controlling the behavior of […]

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Karen Reyes (l) and Bridget Keegan

Congratulations to Bridget Keegan and Karen Reyes!

Two MCB seniors have received Harvard fellowships. Karen Reyes will spend a year abroad in Spain as a Rockefeller Travel Fellow, and Bridget Keegan has been chosen as […]

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Professor Josh Sanes Awarded 2018 Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize

MCB Professor Joshua Sanes has been named as a recipient of the prestigious 2018 Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize. Past awardees include six Nobel laureates, 3 Kavli Prize winners, and […]

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(tl to br) Jeff Farrell, Yiqun Wang, Bushra Raj, James Gagnon, and Alex Schier

Studies from Schier Lab Featured in Science “Breakthrough of the Year”

Research studies by Jeff Farrell, Yiqun Wang, Bushra Raj, and James Gagnon and their collaborators were featured as “Breakthrough of the Year 2018” by Science Magazine. They used […]

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Upcoming Events

QuantBio Jr faculty candidate: Dr. Ziyue Gao

  • 12pm - Thursday Jan 17, 2019
  • Biological Laboratories (Biolabs) Room 1080, Divinity Avenue, Cambridge

Neurolunch: Yirong Peng (Sanes Lab)

  • 12pm - Wednesday Jan 23, 2019
  • Northwest Building, Room 243