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Department Seminars and Events

Seminars and Events

Dissertation Defense: Shreyas Gopalakrishnan


Jefferson Lab Room 250

Zoom Option: https://harva...
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HCBI_Accessing the Nanoscale with Light, Francisco Balzarotti, Ph.D.


Northwest Building, Room B101, 52 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Francisco Balzarotti, Ph.D., Research Institute of Molecular Pathology Vienna, Austria Group Leader...
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High Pressure Freezing & Freeze Substitution: A Tool for Better Tissue Preservation


16 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Ma Room BL1080

Alex Lovely (HCBI).

In this session Alex will discuss the newly acquired HighPressure Freezing and Freeze Substitution systems. He will explain the methods,detail various applications and describe how HFP can improve fixation quality...

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