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Department Administration


General Mailing Address/ Inquiries

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology Harvard University

MCB Administration, 38 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Contact Details:

Title Name Email Room Phone On-campus Hours Off-campus Hours Website
Department Chair Eddy, Sean seaneddy@fas.harvard.edu 617-496-6757
Executive Director Manning, Jessica jmanning@mcb.harvard.edu 617-496-3805
Scientific Director Kehayova, Polina kehayova@fas.harvard.edu 617-496-9397
Associate Director for Faculty Services Cicerano, Michelle mcicerano@mcb.harvard.edu 617-495-3209
Associate Director of Finance and Research Administration Mugimu, Ronnie rmugimu@mcb.harvard.edu 617-495-9346
Assistant Director for Financial Operations Shoemake, Young yshoemake@fas.harvard.edu 617-495-9485
Assistant Director for Research Administration Wellman Smith, Alison alison_wsmith@harvard.edu 617-495-5719
Assistant Director for Postdoctoral Affairs Maddalena, Debra maddalen@mcb.harvard.edu 617-496-2308
Assistant Director, Graduate Programs Muindi, Fanuel fmuindi@fas.harvard.edu 617-495-3293
Curriculum Coordinator Cashen, Irina irina_cashen@g.harvard.edu 617 495-4106
Human Resources Coordinator Rizutko, Jack rizutko@fas.harvard.edu 617-495-0809
Events Coordinator Ossa, Camila camila_ossa@harvard.edu 617-495-4448
Senior Facilities Manager, Biolabs Norton, Phil phil_norton@harvard.edu 617-495-1804
 Teaching Labs Magnan, Clark cmagnan@fas.harvard.edu 617-495-4035
A/V Support Ossa, Camila camila_ossa@harvard.edu 617- 495-4448
Animal Resources Pritchett-Corning, Kathleen pritchettcorning@fas.harvard.edu 617-384-6642
Building Operations, Biolabs Fiore, Cindy cfiore@wjh.harvard.edu 617-495-3778
Building Operations – Northwest Building Opie, Jesselynn jopie@fas.harvard.edu 617-496-6505
Shipping and Receiving Hartshorn, Scott shartshorn@fas.harvard.edu 617-496-9993
Desktop / PC Computer Support ithelp@harvard.edu 617-495-9000 http://huit.harvard.edu/
Environmental Health & Safety Paula, Sid spaula@mcb.harvard.edu 617-495-2345 http://www.ehs.harvard.edu/
Genome Modification Facility GMFmail@fas.harvard.edu 617-495-7991 http://gmf.fas.harvard.edu/
Harvard Center for Biological Imaging Richardson, Douglas drichardson@fas.harvard.edu 617-496-5422 http://hcbi.fas.harvard.edu/
Research Operations Elwell, Sarah sarah_elwell@harvard.edu 617-496-5649 http://science.fas.harvard.edu/

Sears, Mary

mayrlib@oeb.harvard.edu 617-495-2475 http://library.mcz.harvard.edu/
MCB Graphics Hellmiss, Renate mcbgraphics@fas.harvard.edu 617-496-9159 https://mcbgraphics.fas.harvard.edu
MCB News Hellmiss, Renate hellmiss@mcb.harvard.edu 617-945-4397
Zebrafish Facility Miller, Jessica jhen@mcb.harvard.edu 617-496-8193

Contact Details:

Sean Eddy
Ellmore C. Patterson Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology and of Applied Mathematics, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Chair of MCB
Sean Eddy
Computational and quantitative biology
Executive Director
Jessica Manning
MCB Core Administration
Events Coordinator
Francisco Arellano
Administrative Coordinator
Audrie Cortes
Polina Kehayova
Scientific Director
Polina Kehayova
Assistant Director of Postdoctoral Affairs
Debra Maddalena
Executive Director
Jessica Manning
Camila Ossa
HR Coordinator
Camila Ossa
Associate Director of Faculty Services
Victoria Woodward
MCB Finance and Research Administration
Research Portfolio Manager
Charlene Chow
Finance and Grants Coordinator
Annelise Feliu
Financial Associate
Sofia Flores Aguirre
Research Portfolio Manager
Patrick Kelly
Research Portfolio Manager
Vicki Laake
Research Portfolio Manager
Danielle Lampariello
Research Portfolio Manager
Frances Meale
Ronnie Mugimu
Associate Director of Finance and Research Administration
Ronnie Mugimu
Assistant Director for Financial Operations
Young-ok Shoemake
Alison Wellman Smith
Assistant Director for Research Administration
Alison Wellman Smith
Val Yeager
Financial Associate
Val Yeager